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Thread: Famous people who wrestled.

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    Default Famous people who wrestled.

    Lets have everyone put down a few actors, sports stars, and ect. they can think of that used to wrestle. Here area few off the top of my head.

    Jay Mohr-Comedian, actor
    John McCain-Politician
    Denny Hastert-Politician, former speaker of the house (actually came and watched a few of my college wrestling practices due to being friends with the coach)
    Tom Cruise-Actor (started acting after a knee injury during wrestling season)
    Robin Williams-Actor
    Ray Lewis-NFL star

    Here is a quote Jay Mohr gave to an interviewer from ESPN about wrestling when they asked him something stupid: "You have to keep this in mind -- and I'd like to once and for all put this on the record -- that when you're wrestling another man, as gay as you may look and as close as you may get to another guy, your whole motivation is that you're going to kick his ass. Every place your arm, your hand or your face may go, it's all to make that guy go flat on his back like a fish in front of his parents."
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