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    Hi. I am 2nd year coach for a rec wrestling league. This past weekend my 7 year old son was put in a choke hold simmular to a "merkle". ***LET ME JUST BRAG AND SAY MY SON GOT OUT OF IT AND PINNED THE KID*** But I was very disturbed by this move. I understand that is considered "legal" because the kid had an arm in it, but after doing some research I learned that it is supposed to be used as a pinning combination and that a leg needs to be incorporated. I am still very new to wrestling but even my head coaches were pissed! Any advise? Can anyone explain the rules to the move to me? Keep in mind these are 7 and 8 year old ( novice )wrestlers...

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    Someone??? Anyone????

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    I'm not sure why you are angry (the choke?), this move can be somewhat of a desperation type of a move to grab a quick reversal/td and back points, and is entirely legal when the arm is incorporated. Explain the situation a little better (the wrestler's positions, what the coaches were angry about) and maybe that would help.

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    Thanks for responding! Again, I am very new to all this, so thanks in advance for your patience. My son was winning with points, 10 - 3 so I understand what you said about a move of desperation. It was third periodand the kid got behind my son and put what looked like a choke hold on him. ( My son couldn't breath... )The ref stopped the match and called injury time. We calmed him down and told him to peel the kids hands off if he did it again. Ready to resume the match, my son was in bottom position. Right away the kid went right for that move again, but it was not used in a combination or even an attempt to pin. My son stood up, peeled his hands, and went for a head lock with which he pinned the other kid. I had never seen a move like that before and I could deffinately see how if done incorrectly could seriously hurt somebody. Again, I don't know the exact rules of engagement or stipulations, if any. I was also wondering if you could advise me on counter-moves that would be applicable.

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    It's not a common move. You do not see it much because it can and often does backfire on the person trying to execute it.
    I may be a little rusty on this, but I was always under the impression that this move was to be executed from either the neutral or bottom position, as a last resort to make something happen and score quick points. Insertion of a leg is usually crucial to successfully performing the move. It sounds like the boy your son was wrestling was in the top position, without a leg inserted. In this case, it sounds to me like a locked hands violation, and with the choke, also potentially dangerous and possibly a penalty violation for the choke, especially since the boy attempted it twice in the same way. There are others here that may be more aware of the exact ruling on this, but it does not sound to me like the boy was attempting a legitimate pinning combination; almost sounds like a "choke-out" type of maneuver, so I think that the match should have been stopped, and penalty points awarded. There are technicians on this site much better than me that may have a reason for stating otherwise.
    To counter this, I would tripod to a solid base, rotate away from the other wrestler to get room to free the arm, and if the other wrestler didn't have a leg in, dump him forward while popping my head. The other wrestler is going to be very "high" in this situation (body too far forward) so common sense would pretty much take over at that point.

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    Thanks again for responding. You seem to have a good understanding of my point. I have working on teaching my son to grab the opponents arm and kinda toss him forward, over his head. It is actually pretty simple, because like you said, the kid will be high and all my son would have to do is cross one leg over ( like in a head lock ) and kinda dump the kid over his head. Than the kid will land on his back with my son on top. ( I guess it is kinda like a reverse head lock of sorts ) Do you think this would legal??? It could potentially knock the wind out of the other kid. ( ...and un-like some coaches I actually care about the well-being of all children involved...)

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    That would be entirely legal for your son to do, and I can't see it being harmful to anyone involved. It will also help teach the other kid not to get high, which is a lesson that usually has to be taught over and over. Getting the wind knocked out of him will help drive the point home even more.

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    lol... I agree..... thanks again !!!!

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