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Discuss FloWrestling Technique Wave Falsely Claims Secure Transaction at the Miscellaneous Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; This has been fixed since the original article was posted. For Free Technique Wave Videos ...
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    Default FloWrestling Technique Wave Falsely Claims Secure Transaction

    This has been fixed since the original article was posted.

    For Free Technique Wave Videos visit TWT Videos

    I was browsing FloWrestling's Technique Wave sign up and noticed something that the wrestling community and FloWrestling should be made aware of.

    The site falsely claims to secure your order information, which does not occur on a regular 'http' connection. This isn't a simple error.. anyone who purchased (or purchases) from the site in it's current state is at risk for fraud.

    At the bottom of the page, adjacent to the 'submit' button, they show 'Your data is encrpyted and secured"

    My opinion:
    The product seems rushed (typo on encrypted), lack of secure socket layer (SSL)... though it may very well be an excellent resource.

    What does this lack of security mean?
    It essentially means that anyone who has purchased from them since they released this product could have been the victim of credit card theft.

    What should you do?
    Contact Flowrestling and ask them why it isn't secure & ask them to make sure your data isn't stored in an SQL database online somewhere (I have no way of knowing if they do this, but it's worth asking.). They have no idea if your data was taken because they cannot secure an http connection whatsoever. Next, keep an eye on your CC statements to ensure nothing has go afoul.

    Hopefully they get this fixed soon... wow.
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