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    What do you guys think, what are the most important flexibilities for a greco wrestler? Hip and shoulder flexibility? Actually, maybe joint mobility would be a better expression because greco requiers almost no static flexibility. What are your favorite drills for shoulder and hip mobility?

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    I don't know if this helps but Aleksandr Karelin was very, very flexible. It said he was able to bring his leg all the way up to his head. He once brought his leg up over his head and tapped a chandlier with it. Pretty impressive flexibility for a Super HWT.

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    Yeah, I also read that interview
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    Your right about hips and shoulders. With the reverse lift, if you are not able to get him up off the whistle, you ma need to be able to transition from side to side and get a good base with your feet. We work alot of sumo squats/deadlifts. I am not saying you have to do the splits like TC Danzler, but need to be able to have power with your legs apart, hence flexable in your hips...

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    What are good ways to increase the flexibility in your hips.

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    Sitting in a full squat, front splits... There's a great warmup stretch on crossfit, it's called samson stretch. I don't know how to describe it, try to find it.
    We have a warmup exercise in which you lie on your stomach with your arms spread apart and you try to touch your left hand with your right heel without moving your arms. Then the same with your left heel. You start slowly and then you alternate faster and faster. It's also important for your shoulders to stay on the mat, it's more effective that way.
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