Labor Day 1911,
Comiskey Park, Chicago...

No baseball that day...

... but two wrestling champions
laboring on a mat set up on the ball field...

One was the former world champion,
George "the Russian Lion" Hackenschmidt,
an incredible physical specimen...

The other was the champ,
Frank "the Iowa Plowboy" Gotch
who had upset Hack back in April 1908.

Celebrate Labor Day
with a trip back in time
to the 2d Gotch vs Hackenschmidt match...

with a visit to the Frank Gotch vsGeorge Hackenschmidt Yahoo group!

You'll find photos of this epic match that was front-page news around the world... along with lots of pics of each of these mat superstars of the early 20th century whose popularity helped launch organized amateur wrestling in the US.

Happy Labor Day!
Moderator, FrankGotchVsGeorgeHackenschmidt