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Thread: Wrestler's physique

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    Hi, everyone! I had a small debate with a friend of mine about the "minimal" weights a wrestler should be able to lift accordind to his competing weight class. The thing is that I stopped doing bench press because I read in Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength that a normally built person should bench press and power jerk the same weight, and my bench press is 120kg and my power jerk is 95kg (btw, I'm an endomorph so I don't have any "inborn" explosiveness). But my friend said that it's normal thing for a wrestler to have a stronger bench than a power jerk. I still don't have an intension to do bench press until I can power jerk 110 kg (I compete in 84kg). What are your opinions about this?

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    Bench is kind of a useless exercise for wrestling anyway...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Bench is kind of a useless exercise for wrestling anyway...
    . . . unless you spend a lot of the match on your back.
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    Bench press helps with pushouts in free.

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    bench press helps build back, lat and tricep stregth which overall will add to your core strength. High repetition is key not 1 rep heavy weight 5x10 is the best

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    Get yourself a 24kg kettlebell snatch, clean, swing, press, and turkish get-up. Repeat
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    Kettleballs should basically be the only type of weight you should be doing if any weight?

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    I'm doing 32kg k-bell snatch, jerks and swings, that's not the problem. I'm doing sprints, bodyweight squats, pushups, pullups, rope climbs, sprints... Basically everything. My question was how much explosiveness does a wrestler need? We have a guy in our gym who can jerk 130kg but bench press 120kg. I think that's out of proportion.

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    Ya man. Its a little off

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