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    More on promoting youth participation.


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    Excellent column, Jim. Wrestling would do well to follow the gymnastics model you experienced as a youngster.

    Another book I would recommend to young readers would be Rulon Gardner's "Never Stop Pushing" -- very inspirational, especially for students who are battling learning disabilities and/or are teased about their size/weight... two battles that Gardner overcame with considerable class.


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    Loved the post.

    The biggest thing that I got out of it was, it was fun, and he had a love for it that came through to his students.

    I think that is what we must portray to these young kids. Where I coach, the head youth coach preaches to his assistant coaches, " it's not about them winning, make them LOVE the sport and they will do it for a life time". I know sometimes I get caught up with them winning ( specially my own boy), but he is right.
    The best recruiters are the kids themselves. If a young wrestler loves the sport and is passionate, he will requite his friends.

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    Great Blog as usual.

    Keep up the good work Jim.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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