So I've been thinking about this for a while and now that summer is up I'm trying to find a job. I've been trying for a long time but no one wants me. Mainly I think because I have no experience in the work field. I'm a hell of a hard worker but I've never had a job working at fast food or really any stores.
I want to work on a farm. I assume it's going to be really tough but I need that. I would rather be doing that then serving burritos and cleaning poop stained toilets. I want to work hard, get paid, and gain strength. Farm. haha. I'm too young for a construction job.
I have no connections to the farming world so I'm wondering how I would go about finding one of these jobs. Would looking in the paper be a good idea? I need tips on this if anyone has some.
Thanks guys! And if I don't get this job I'll be working out everyday and wrestling every open mat so don't think I'm going to get lazy if I don't have a job. That's ridiculous. O.K. later.