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  1. I added you to the Recent Articles section on the front page.
  2. yeah, there are a couple different ways to pull it off... just pretty lame when people do.
  3. It happened once to me, I'm not 100% sure on how it works procedurally. I had multiple games up in separate windows/tabs, and the score for one game loaded up into the other game, and the score is just astronomically higher. Take the Deep Freeze game that I play all the time. Trust me when I tell you 2 million points is pretty much the top end of the spectrum, but somehow he has 20 million. You just play a game where points are scored more frequently, and mix them up.
  4. Interestingly enough I think he was cheating.. I hadn't run the 'flash timer' scan yet, but I banned his IP from recording scores... so, I watched where he went after the score didn't register instead. He came back to the thread where you accused him and then left without any type of response. Maybe we will hear from him again some other time.

    Ill keep him banned until he explains himself.
  5. I added your map to your post.
  6. One thing Im looking at changing is having the system allow Threaded comments (rather than just a running list of comments) within the tournament system. That will basically move the ZBFL forum into the tournament manager.

    I'm going to work with the new results stuff the NWCA is releasing to see if I can bring all of the data you need into an easy to manage system, too.
  7. They sign up and you can keep track of the scores (I will set up access for your account tonight/tomorrow) from week to week. They will be able to add team names, team logos, etc shortly.
  8. So, how does the tournament thing work? Will the computer take care of the stats, or how does it work?
  9. I'm not sure yet (its just finished), I would assume he will use it. At the moment it will seem like a bit of a hurdle (when you could just post the stats to a thread), but by using the system you will be able to organize everything easier and I can continue to add features.
  10. We're running the tournament exactly like Jensen. Are they doing it there too?
  11. Hey,

    How is the scoring done in your league? The tournament management system should be able to handle it, I just want to be sure.

    They Join there and you can keep a running log of their weekly points. Let me know if I missed something that is essential in managing it.
  12. You should see some response from the newsletter today since it was sent on Friday night.
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