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  1. I traded Ness to Tigerfan for Bell-effictive not next week but the week after .
  2. Yea -looked it up -got beat 13-7 then 7-5 -kid is always improving -his major over Dragon is really what sold me on him -anyone that can major Dragon is OK with me . I just miss my precioouusssss-I'm not gay but he is just so cute and looks so harmless .
    I was all set to go with Scotti then Garnett majors him -never saw that coming -Garnett is THE quickest 125 I've ever seen -if I had the draft picks I'd take a chance on Tristen DeShazer -19-6 with 15 falls at 133 . He stuck Mitcheff last week -at 41 last year he was so-so -at 33 he's a handful yet they have him ranked 4th in his conference-that is another reason I put little faith in rankings .His 6th loss was a body slam .
  3. I'll think about it, but I really like having Precin as my 125. If you get something, go with it. Just as an FYI, Hall hasn't beaten Burroughs, at least in the last two years, his best win this year is over Cyler Sanderson. Chandler lost a tight one to Leen also, but he beat JP O'Connor and holds wins (last season) over Cyler Sanderson as well. Like I said, though, I'll give it some serious though.
  4. I am bored -it is 14 degrees outside and I got nothing to do and all day to do it . So I got to thinking -I have a few things going trade wise that may or may not materialize -couldn't help but notice how balanced your team is save for one weight -I know we couldnt agree on Lapotsky but what about Hall and Sentes for Precin and ??? I am relatively sure I am going to run with Garnett and use Hall as my flex -then I thought maybe you would like to move up to #6 at 57 -his only losses are to G by 1 point and Leen and O'Conner by 3 and 1 respectfully -he is 26-3 and has wrestled the best -Where do you think Precin will finish in the big 10 ? I know Hall and Sentes will win their conferences -I have another offer for Scotti and Adam so let me know .
    Hall may have beaten Burroughs last year -I am unsure but I can check .
  5. Unfortunately, I don't have a way of contacting you in person, so yes, this is confronting you like an adult. If you want me to stay off your board, then stop talking about me across other people's boards.
  6. The only way I find you arrogant or referred to you as arrogant is by changing the rules of the greatest sport in the world -in that way you are arrogant -secondly , you did not confront me like an adult you e-mailed me -
    that being said stay off my board and out of my business .
  7. I talk to Champ all the time -between coaching , reffing and running the Indiana mat .com wrestling board he has little time for anything .
  8. You need to calm down. You were the one talking smack semi-publicly about me, and I confronted you on it like an adult. You never admitted you called me arrogant, and you didn't call me arrogant in the post you wrote on my wall. I confronted you on it like a grown up. How did I blow a bunch of shit at you? You were doing something that bothered me, and I went and talked to you about it. Sorry if that somehow ruins your day, but it is what it is. No reason to take it out on other people in the league because you have a problem with me.
  9. Just telling you what I've seen. And it's not like I'm going out of my way to look for it. Either way, it's done, I just had to get it off my chest. Sorry to hear you can't work something out with him.
  10. If you look on the major board I WAS the only one defending you -saying that although I disagreed with the fft rule -which I DO-I have told everyone you apply it fairly and consistently -I am not making any trade with Gold for Hall-I'll keep him first -he offers you Metcalf and Honeycutt for Palmer and Chandler /Sanderson ? and offers me Halsey -ASU has 7 133 lbers on their roster and they fft -that is what bothers me Zapp-their should be no fft 's at this level -most guys are on scholarships .
    Hell-Ive'd defended you more than attacked -you should see some of the PM's I get about the fft rule and stuff .
  11. Now listen, dude. I'm getting a little sick of everytime I go on one of the Fantasy League guys boards, I find a post from you bitching about me and the FFT rule, and how arrogant I am. I made the rule, and there was no going back, because I didn't feel like going back and adding up the FFT's. If I run it next year, and that's a big if at this point, I would just count FFT's and the like and move on. I'm sorry you didn't like the rule, but it's been applied consistently and everybody has lost points because of it. I don't have an exact number, but I'd estimate I have lost 90ish points from not counting it. It's being applied universally, everybody is "losing" points. I'm doing what I can, and changing it for the NCAA's, but seriously, I'd be lying to you if I told you it wasn't really pissing me off to find you talking shit about me all over the boards.

    And now that this is off my chest, thank you again for the update on Craig. Good luck on getting the trade with Gold.
  12. Craig beat Caputo 3-2 you'll be ok at 84 .
  13. I KNOW these -
    ACC-125 Nick33Marble41Carmancia,49,Chinn,Jarequi,57Burroug hs ,Winston ,Kinser,65Brown 74 Lucas 84 VJones.97Taylor hwt Dobies massey-he also has Jones at 97 from VA.
    ARCH-25 Sanders ,33 Kennedy, 41,Russell,149 ,Polkowske,157 JBB,SAF,65 Manuel 74 Canon,84 Monkeydick,Orozco97 Fagianao,Arnone,Byers,Shaeffer,Marone .

    I know these are right and put Glasser in for ROGERSB for me and there are 3 correct rosters . No FEE.
  14. I've pretty much taken that over, but whatever was messed up before I can't really fix unless people tell me.
  15. I'll tell him -I know he just picked up Terry at 49 those rosters are way wrong -they say he still has Trotman and Accboy's is not even close . once again I understand this is NOT your JOB .
  16. Hey, according to the rosters, tigerfan doesn't have Glasser. Could you just ask him what his roster is SUPPOSED to look like? I'm sure he has Glasser, but the roster was never updated.
  17. Everything but Roger smithwhatever for Glasser -Tigerfan and I traded him this morning -TF has Glasser from our Todd trade . People are funny -I asked RD149 if he wanted to get me a hwt and I'd give him so and so-then he gets the hwt and sticks him on his roster and demands one of my guys -COVER your ears -but FK that -no one holds a gun to my head -I hope he and Porter will be happy together . I'd rather lose than be extorted -1/2 these guys would last 12 seconds in Prison or a lock down ward -if someone did a move like that he;d be shanked within 24 hours -he would HAVE to be shanked - I don't care about the wrestler Porter -he just has a quad coming up he'll win -but the principle of the thing is ugly -I'm not filing a complaint or anything it is just such a shitty thing to do . I do all the research -find out when and where points are obtainable and he tries to extort me -and I am the one whose honor has been called into question . I hate this planet somedays .
  18. Nono, I'm not vetoing your trade at all. I'm just making sure that, essentially, you are trading Mike Poeta for Tyler Safratowich straight up. Just do me a favor and make sure your roster is correct now, as I think I've got all your trades.
  19. So what do you want me to do ? Are you vetoing the trade ?I'm not cheating and I talk with Arch all the time -his divorce is eating him up -that's all it is .
    On a side note I just got an e-mail from Champkinds web site from one of my former wrestlers -he is now the head coach at Wabash high school -we shot the shit over the old days and his last words -''good to hear from you and stay in touch Coach '' damn near made me cry .
    Few words in my vernacular mean as much to me as coach -I'm getting a bit emotional here -sorry .
  20. LOL, I'm about to send Gold Mike Chandler, probably, so I'll be the one looking for a 157, lol.
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