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  1. Exactly.
  2. In the conferences only the first 2 guys get bonus points ? Right . 16 for first and 12 for second .
  3. I agree. I didn't wnat to change the rules mid season.
  4. that is what I told him -I fill out his line up every week and he never turns it in -he has a full team -he just doesn't care -I gave him byers at 97 and Jbb at 57 and he has Bell at 33 and Russell -the divorce is killing him ....I'm trying to help him but he just doesn't care .
    As a suggestion , if you do this next year -anyone who stops turning in line ups after the first week you should kick them out and then divvy up their team-Va is for lovers has 4-5 really talented guys -same with Champ he has a couple of potential champions . Just food for thought .
  5. Nothing. There will be no more trading with architeuthis I'm not going to continue to let arch give out guys while leaving big empty holes on his team, especially considering he's not even playing the game anymore. His line up is scoring no points at 197, 157, and 133 because he's traded those guys to you, and never changed his lineup. He doesn't care, and I'm not going to let him give away his best guys. SOrry.
  6. Zapp-what would be fair for me to trade to Arch for russell -the #5 ranked 141 ?He agreed to Chris Brown #10 165 but like last time I don't feel right doing that -although it is a lot better than Escobedo for Bedolyn -that was #17 for #5 . You tell me -I don't want russell I want to trade him for a 65 lber . I have my tandem of Cleveand and accordino-you have any idea how long it took to find wrestlers who were decent that had matches on days so I wouldn't have to fft ? FOREVER. Glasser was a prime example -I'd traded that bum before the week was over .
  7. Zapp-I traed Bell and Grajales for Sentes and Brown as it was supposed to be a 3 way deal and accboy left me stranded . They are eqivalent in rankings .
  8. Arch was going to just take Sentes but i could not in good faith take the offer . I hope that little shit -Garnett-doesn't choke in the first round .
  9. You just posted it like yesterday, but that's ok. As long as you're satisfied with your line up, then it's all good.
  10. yes , about a month ago and you said no, You needed Reader as your flex then offered me Lapotshy , and I refused . I will just wrestle Hall as my flex and now wrestle Brown in the tourney -unless I can find a better 65 .
  11. You offered Hall on the Zapp forum, didn't you?
  12. I traded Conner Beebe to Accboy for Cris Brown .
  13. How did Hall get into the equation ? I offered you Sentes for Reader -Hall is going to be my flex . There is no way you are getting Hall for Lapotsky or Blanc . Hall was never mentioned .
  14. Give me a few days as you turned the trade down I made a counter offer to another person -if I haven't heard from him in a couple of days I'll decide which offer to accept . As soon as you said no I went looking elsewhere and a couple of days won't hurt anything .
  15. or one of my 165's and Obe Blanc for Hall AND Sentes?
  16. HOw about I send you one of my 165's and Lapotsky for Hall AND Sentes?
  17. It's because I feel that 125 is a much better division then 165. I think Reader and Morningstar are guaranteed AA's, while I feel Sentes is a possible AA.
  18. IMO-125 is the 2nd weakest weight class after heavy -the usual suspects then everyone else -that is why I hate to have to leave Sentes off -but Garnett majored him and is 35-5-last week , after beating Sentes he was still ranked 13th-then he pions 2 guys and now he is ranked 14th -Fxxx the ratings -what i'm getting at is why not trade me Reader for Sentes and use Scotti as your flex ?
  19. Because i was out late with friends.
  20. I'm awake because I am in too much pain to sleep-why the hell are you awake ?
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