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  1. LOL, true, that Ness deal does look better now. I made the trade because I needed someone scoring pints at 133, and Johnston wasn't doing it!
  2. You've had your shot at Ness and Palmer puts up 1/2 the points Metcalf does so don't even offer him .
    Bet you think Keddy and Ashmore foe Ness /Craig wasn't such a bad deal-
    If you don't mind me asking , why did you trade The Iowa 125 for Ashmore ? Especially before the Iowa duals ? Ashmore is too small for a 33 -I am HERBP on the blogs -he beat that VT true frosh by a point .He is ranked 5th in the Pac 10 deservedly so.
  3. Ness and Metcalf are the only two guys that have me salivating.
  4. no-tell me who you want and i will think about it .
  5. Make me an offer, Russell.
  6. want to do some trading ?? I am sick of this shit about not being able to trade my guys when J let that BS trade stand with ISU and shithead .
  7. told you -that is why I no longer will even talk to the slime .
  8. zapp-sorry about the input with your ''trade'' with GAGE but I have over 100 PM's from him and have made 2 trades when he swore his dad was right next to him . Next morning Trusty was hot -said he didn't know anything about it -both were good trades as GAGE just wore me down . He is the reason for the new no PM list .Russ
  9. Zapp
    that is why I traded Gallick away -and chose Metcalf over Varner with the first pick-throigh no fault of your own you blew about 20 points from Long alone ISU's schedule sucks .PERIOD. Mizou's schedule is not much better and I'd like to get rid of Askren -selfish prick sits in the stands watching his team lose 2 duals so he can be an ALL STAR .
  10. Zapp-
    I sent an e-mail to Lehigh about Meys and never heard back-will he be eligible 2nd semester ? I also told the lehigh coaches they needed some leadership from Gallante and Craig -I HOPE that isn't the reason for Galante not wrestling -you and I both know those 2 are capable of much more than what they've shown this year . Did Galante take a shot against Vallimont ?
    I have 3 guys out this week so I'm not going to score much .
  11. i'm sorry about bothering you with that -it just came pouring out -I never even had an abstract of judgement -the people at the super max told me I wasn't supposed to be there and advised me to get an attorney -I had no money and couldn't use a phone for the first month-they call that time A + O-adjustment and orientation -.
    I always see you posting about law school and in theory it is a sound system -in reality it is broken beyond repair . You sit in a holding cell before court and your PD comes back and talks to you for about 2 minutes and offers you a plea -I did not even get that -but in Indiana prisons are the only growth industry .I went before the judge and sat there alone and he said ''Mr.Payton, let's try to get you some help'' the next morning I was on a blue bus to WESTVILLE-they consider INTIMIDATION a violent offense so in this state I can never get my record expunged .
    They should have let me die .
  12. Actually, Marion got in a few bar fights, broke a few windows, that type of thing. I believe Andrew Long of Iowa State DID assault a police officer last year though. That's a messed up story, man. I'm sorry to hear you went through that.
  13. Didn't Marion commit Battery on a police officer -in Indiana that is an automatic year -I tried to die once and the cops came and I had just taken 120 10 mg valium and this cop runs up in my house with a pistol in my face . I told him to get the fuck out of my house before I hurt him and I received 1 year -do 6 months .Intimidation was the charge . They worked out a deal where I would go to a psychiatric institute for 30 days then do my time on house arrest -I ended up getting lost in the system and went to a super max prison -that is where 5 gang bangers jumped me and threw me down a flight of stairs -I had to pro se my way out by filing a writ of Habeus Corpus , but for 97 days I walked around a SM with a bone sticking out of my neck . The Judge dismissed my case with prejudice but the damage was done and when I went to the ACLU they told me to get in line as Indiana does what they want -sorry for whining .Russ
  14. Montell Marion is ineligible for the first semester. He will be eligible come second semester. The same is true for Joe Slaton. Dan Le Clere is the starter for the first half of the season.
  15. Zapp-
    Div 1 has their new rankings out and LeClere is #7 and Marion is out -what 's going on ?
  16. I am an old bag of dirt . Those days are behind me -I had a hell of a run though . When you hit 50 and are still a bachelor your chances of catching a STD to finding a life partner are a zillion to one -meaning the STD would win out -so I read a lot of books .Russ
  17. It's the weekend, brother. Just got back in from a night on the town.
  18. Zapp-
    What are you doing up this late ? No scores to tally this year .
  19. No worries, Russ, I understand what happened. I appreciate the apology, and I'm seriously considering the trade offer.
  20. Zapp,
    I want to apologize for first telling you that Kennedy WAS RS'ing then changing it to NOT -I was inundated with PM's as everyone was playing a joke on you -I saw no harm so I played along -we are alone over here -2 of my picks were sniped by people I trusted -that is why I offered you Gallick because I can trade someone later '
    You have my heartfelt apology . Russ
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