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  1. I told you, buddy. Just post on the "Zapp Fantasy League" forum that you have made a trade and who you traded. You can use your new wrestlers on the next line up, starting 11/24.
  2. I have 2 questions Mr. Commish-
    1-when will my trade take place ?
    2-if I have an injured wrestler may I put a replacement in for him before the line-ups are due to change again ?
  3. Umbehauer -however you spell it -the 184 lber .
  4. No problem. Just post it on the forum.
  5. Zapp-ACCBOY and I have worked out a trade -Alton Lucas -RP-for Doug Umbrahauer ACC- Do we have your seal of approval ?
  6. Mr. Commisioner , I would like a rulig on this -D. Cocuzzo from Edinboro announced publicly that he quit the team for personal reasons -thus making me drop him and use a much needed waiver-if he announces that he is not going to wrestle then changes his mind am I just screwed or do I get to pick hm back up and get a waiver back ? If he quits and forces me to find a new wrestler how is that my fault ? I could understand if it were a rumor but it was announced via the Edinboro website .
  7. Chriswell might just be on the market for someone of equivalent worth .
  8. Hate to bother you Zapp but you think it might be possible to list the point scoring tournaments ? Does MSU count ? etc.
  9. That Chiswell kid I picked up was supposed to be at ASU -now I find he's at Boise State and Div 1 wrestling has him instead of Casperson as the varsity 197 lber . What's going on ?
  10. It's up to Champ Kind, he's in charge there.
  11. What time tomorow and will the picking order be the same or do we just submit names ? I AM NEW to this .
  12. What kind of idiot wins 32 matches and waits til he nearly graduates to quit ? My thoughts on picking him were that the Gillespie brothers would beat him into shape -wussed out .
  13. We are settign up a free agent style thing, so you can pick a new one up soon, before the season.
  14. Zapp-sorry to bother you but i just read where that prick from Edinboro quit for 'personal reasons'-probably a sex change operation . Any chance I get another 149 lber or just forfeit ?
  15. Zapp-I have been here all day and I am dying -how about I give you 3 picks since there are only 2 left -Scott Winston Rutgers 157-Joe the FAG Fagiano 197-Hofstra and Nick Cook IU HWT -if any one else is silly enough to pick those then just IU me out Kinser Young Cook-i really cannot sit here any longer . How can this be so slow a process -when I hit enter this wil;l reach you in seconds ....
  16. Zapp-instead of Kinser can I get Meade from Rutgers ?
  17. I thought they had -the last few months have been the best in decades -relatively pain free -I cannot envision going back to a life of pain killers and the pain still being at a level 8 every minute .
    sorry I am being such a pussy -thanks for your kindness -pain and anxiety are my oldest enemies -we've been going at it since I cracked my c-4 in 1990-I would give anything for a handgrenade . look -I'm sorry -don't worry about me -i am the toughest MFer onn this planet -just so tired of being drugged up.
  18. Got your picks, brother. Keep your head up and see what the doctors have to say. Things have a way of turning around right when you least expect it.
  19. 149-kinser IU-157 -HOWE Wis-157 Jason Welch NW-165 Wright PS-165 Paul Young IN-I got my MRI back today and there is a serious tear-they will scope me Monday to see if the hardware in my shoulder is damaged -I am ready to die . But i would like to kill my PTist first -man swore nothing we were doing would damage anything -i am really upset and in pain and cannot sit here -these picks go through or not -you may pick for me at the end -if Monday they want to to do a total replacement it won't matter cause I am going touring -always wanted to see Alaska before I died .Or the Canadian rockies -i feel so sad right now-but , hey I chose this life of solitude -no need to cry now -I'll get a chance to go out like hunter S. did -on my own terms .
    I have to lay down now .
  20. WE get 15 picks. You will start 11 wrestlers. One in each weight, and then a 11th wrestler from any weight class. You submit a roster of 11 once a week. We're going to be drafting 15 total wrestlers.
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