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  1. I just traded Tigerfan Herbst for Ruschell, FYI
  2. You should extend the trade deadline. Rpayton tells me "Metcalf might be available."

  3. Go ahead and see if r.payton is at all interested in a three team trade involving Metcalf. If so, we can probably do something.
  4. I'm good. The only guy I would trade Palmer for is Metcalf.
  5. Steve Brown and (Herbst or Chriswell) for Palmer and whoever else?
  6. Yeah, I tried to work the trade, but Russ and I just couldn't come to terms we could both agree on. Ahh well.
  7. No problem--it would have been cool to have such a trade this late in the season, but no big deal.
  8. It looks like I won't be able to get Hall after all, unfortunately. Sorry, buddy.
  9. Palmer + Hall for Gold = Metcalf for Zapp
  10. If I get you Adam Hall, what are my chances of getting Metcalf?
  11. Thanks for your roster, it should be correct now.
  12. Why would you upset me? If you prefer to trade with r.payton, that's up to you.
  13. I'm not opposed to the trade, but if Rpayton and I can work something out it will leave me in a much better position. I'll let you know--sorry if I upset you.

    I see you're gathering rosters... Here is mine:

    125 (UR) Nikko Triggas Ohio State
    125 (11) Joey Fio Oklahoma
    133 (2) Reece Humphrey Ohio State
    141 (13) J Jaggers Ohio State University
    141 (16) Keith Sulzer Northwestern
    149 (1) Brent Metcalf Iowa
    157 (16) Jason Johnstone Ohio State
    165 (4) Colt Sponseller THE Ohio State University
    174 (7) Mike Miller Central Michigan
    174 (12) Kurt Brenner WVU
    184 (18) Chris Honeycutt Edinboro
    184 (6) Doug Umbehauer Rider
    197 (8) Brandon Halsey UC-Bakersfield
    197 (5) Brent Chriswell Boise State
    285 (4) Jermail Porter Kent State
  14. LOL, I see you've got two people competing, huh? Just let me know, buddy.
  15. Alright, I'm down for that trade, Gold. If you're sold on it, go ahead and post it on the board.
  16. Gold, that is a real possibility for that trade to go down...give me a few minutes to think it over?
  17. What are your thoughts on Metcalf and Honeycutt (a good 184 that will likely win his conference) for Palmer and Chandler?
  18. Is the roster listed your most current one?
  19. That's the kind of trade I'm looking for--I want to still be solid at 149 and upgrade at 157, but I don't really think Welch is much of (if any) an upgrade over Johnstone, so it really wouldn't be helping me...
  20. I see you're at least willing to trade Metcalf. What do you think about a Lance Palmer-Jason Welch 2 for 1?
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