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  1. What are we going to do about vaisforlovers? He hasn't finished out his roster and I already have people(including myself) that want to make a roster change.
  2. We can cap it at 10, that is enough for everyone.
  3. No supplemental draft. I'll let you pick a fair number of free agent pickups. You can even go with unlimited. All up to you.
  4. Two quick questions
    Are we going to have a supplemental draft?

    How many free agent transactions are we going to allow?
  5. Also, you can take that provision about having a wrestler's backup if the starter gets hurt out of the rules.

    What day of the week are the rosters due for the next week?
  6. Are we having a supplemental draft?

    If we are, I'd limit the number of pick-ups to 5-10.

    If not, I'd say 10-15 for the limit.

    Its your choice.

    I'm not sure how many picks were done for the supplemental draft for last year.
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