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    I'm not sure what's wrong with my lineup but this week I'll find a replacement for Rader, I'm thinking a 25 or 41
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    If you look on the major board I WAS the only one defending you -saying that although I disagreed with the fft rule -which I DO-I have told everyone you apply it fairly and consistently -I am not making any trade with Gold for Hall-I'll keep him first -he offers you Metcalf and Honeycutt for Palmer and Chandler /Sanderson ? and offers me Halsey -ASU has 7 133 lbers on their roster and they fft -that is what bothers me Zapp-their should be no fft 's at this level -most guys are on scholarships .
    Hell-Ive'd defended you more than attacked -you should see some of the PM's I get about the fft rule and stuff .
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    Craig beat Caputo 3-2 you'll be ok at 84 .
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    I'm not opposed to the trade, but if Rpayton and I can work something out it will leave me in a much better position. I'll let you know--sorry if I upset you.

    I see you're gathering rosters... Here is mine:

    125 (UR) Nikko Triggas Ohio State
    125 (11) Joey Fio Oklahoma
    133 (2) Reece Humphrey Ohio State
    141 (13) J Jaggers Ohio State University
    141 (16) Keith Sulzer Northwestern
    149 (1) Brent Metcalf Iowa
    157 (16) Jason Johnstone Ohio State
    165 (4) Colt Sponseller THE Ohio State University
    174 (7) Mike Miller Central Michigan
    174 (12) Kurt Brenner WVU
    184 (18) Chris Honeycutt Edinboro
    184 (6) Doug Umbehauer Rider
    197 (8) Brandon Halsey UC-Bakersfield
    197 (5) Brent Chriswell Boise State
    285 (4) Jermail Porter Kent State
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    I KNOW these -
    ACC-125 Nick33Marble41Carmancia,49,Chinn,Jarequi,57Burroug hs ,Winston ,Kinser,65Brown 74 Lucas 84 VJones.97Taylor hwt Dobies massey-he also has Jones at 97 from VA.
    ARCH-25 Sanders ,33 Kennedy, 41,Russell,149 ,Polkowske,157 JBB,SAF,65 Manuel 74 Canon,84 Monkeydick,Orozco97 Fagianao,Arnone,Byers,Shaeffer,Marone .

    I know these are right and put Glasser in for ROGERSB for me and there are 3 correct rosters . No FEE.
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    I'll tell him -I know he just picked up Terry at 49 those rosters are way wrong -they say he still has Trotman and Accboy's is not even close . once again I understand this is NOT your JOB .
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    Everything but Roger smithwhatever for Glasser -Tigerfan and I traded him this morning -TF has Glasser from our Todd trade . People are funny -I asked RD149 if he wanted to get me a hwt and I'd give him so and so-then he gets the hwt and sticks him on his roster and demands one of my guys -COVER your ears -but FK that -no one holds a gun to my head -I hope he and Porter will be happy together . I'd rather lose than be extorted -1/2 these guys would last 12 seconds in Prison or a lock down ward -if someone did a move like that he;d be shanked within 24 hours -he would HAVE to be shanked - I don't care about the wrestler Porter -he just has a quad coming up he'll win -but the principle of the thing is ugly -I'm not filing a complaint or anything it is just such a shitty thing to do . I do all the research -find out when and where points are obtainable and he tries to extort me -and I am the one whose honor has been called into question . I hate this planet somedays .
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    So what do you want me to do ? Are you vetoing the trade ?I'm not cheating and I talk with Arch all the time -his divorce is eating him up -that's all it is .
    On a side note I just got an e-mail from Champkinds web site from one of my former wrestlers -he is now the head coach at Wabash high school -we shot the shit over the old days and his last words -''good to hear from you and stay in touch Coach '' damn near made me cry .
    Few words in my vernacular mean as much to me as coach -I'm getting a bit emotional here -sorry .
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    he said he had Bonilla Bowman and Saf and that was good enough at 57 -if you want I'll try to send him Brown back for Marone but he aid he's pretty much through but if you want I'll send him Brown .contact him if you want -I told gold I'd give him a day or two because he wreally wants Hall.
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    My copmputer is going bye bye POS -My line up is the same except add Brown and Glasser and take away Marone -I've tried to post this twice this morning and it is just not working -I am trying to trade Hall from Boise State for a better 165 You want to move M# or Reader ? Hall is the 6th ranked 157 -I was trying to save him for Gold ...but he got mad because I wouldn't take Halsey for him -Halsey is such a flake he could just walk out of the room and go surfing -the dude's coach even told me he was uncoachable .
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    Zapp-I traded back up 65 lbers with Tigerfan -Smith bergstrum for Glaser and the trade for Brown for Marone Arch changed his mind -So now I have one heavy -Wise and 2 149 's - S.Brown and Barnes .
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    What are your thoughts on Metcalf and Honeycutt (a good 184 that will likely win his conference) for Palmer and Chandler?
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    Is the roster listed your most current one?
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    That's the kind of trade I'm looking for--I want to still be solid at 149 and upgrade at 157, but I don't really think Welch is much of (if any) an upgrade over Johnstone, so it really wouldn't be helping me...
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    Zapp-I traded Byers #6-7 for Herbst #4-5 -I am losing 4-5 matches but Byers can't seem to pin anyone -I need points !!
    I have Adam Hall for trade -he is ranked 6th at 157 and is 23-3 . I need a good 65 or 49 pounder .
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    I traded Brown and Saf -so Brown is the extra guy .If Barnes gets hurt I am screwed . But I had to make a shot at it .
    You gonna wait on your 184 for awhile ? Craig is up to 9-10 depending on the poll and he's beaten Um already .
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    I traded SAF-#16 and Brown #8 for Poeta #4 and Marone-hwt UR.
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    Zapp-are you saying you are using Reader as your flex instead of Lapotsky ? I mean you obviously know more than I about this stuff but 165 is wide open -save for the top 3 and the big guys get upset more than the little guys -you are a grown man and no one should tell you what to do and I will not -yet Todd could go down more quickly than M*. especially at 90%.
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    whatcha gonna do about it
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    I'd keep Craig -he's lost a few matches he should have won but he has beaten UM , Honeycutt ,and Biondo-and with his talent he is the only one who could conceivably give Herbert a match -that's a stretch tho--I just looked at everyone available and their records -if he keeps his head together he's an AA candidate -you'll waste a pick iof you get Blanton -he's a freshman so their is the choke factor and he will finish 3rd in the big 10 at best , very best -so he'll get a shit seed . Maybe draw The BEAST first round-if you are going to pick someone -pick up Kerber from Cornell-he and Craig will finish 1,2 in the conference and if he gets a decent seed he can make some noise in the tourney -if I were in the top 6 instead of fighting for my life down here at #8 I'd do it in a heartbeat for you -buit Craig has 5 matches left -5-I need points -wait a few weeks .
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