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  1. I would suggest working on him actually watching the TV as it plays stuff they are going to make full screen and having it gradually pan into a full view of the TV rather than cutting directly to it. A minor change that will do wonders.
  2. They added a green screen. Scott said they may adda few more things.
  3. Really a major improvement on the set.. and he's really gotten better at the camera usage, too.
  4. lol, I agree.
  5. Lol, that ad doesn't make me want to shop there.
  6. Yeah, they pay the best, too. (of course) I will talk to their rep. and see if I can get them to change it to a "non-rollover"
  7. Yes I was able to cancel the Circuit City ad but, it is really annoying.
  8. ehhh I have a lot of work on the advertising stuff! You aren't even supposed to see ads. Can you at least dismiss them?
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