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  1. Wiltz-
    you want Barlow for Thoms ?
  2. Wiltz-
    I made a trade with Dutch-Dudziak and JBB for Moley and Asper -Just don't think a drunk driver should be wrestling - so if DUKE won't make a stand I will
  3. wiltz -I skipped the SID and wrote asst coach Reed and he says Mytych will wrestle this weekend -things work out .
  4. Trotmann's kicking butt at 184 -the kid from Va. put Miller out of the Midlands -he has his strength back at 184 -got some pins under his belt and Saunders is good . Found you a flex.
  5. Wiltz -
    I was going to ask if I could pick up someone for Dudziak getting kicked off but someone said something so I dropped them both-I don't want to start any trouble -I can win with 14 and a 300 point deficit-you'll see
  6. Wiltz,
    Do you know where I can find who wrestles who in the Lone Star Duals ?
  7. Wiltz -is ther anyone you would take for King -he is at #6 now I could send you #11 Young and #14 Salazar for King and Mytych-IU has their IU duals so there is 2 more wins for Paul and Salazar has the Wendy's duals .
  8. Wiltz -I have a few open dates at 33 so I might trade Salazar to LoSt for Ashnault -I'd much rather you have Salazar than him -and my open date coincide with the CAA duals . Let me know what you think . I'll keep Salazar and fft before giving him to LoSt .
  9. Wiltz -
    Snackem and I made a trade -he confirmed it on my Visitor messages board -you have my permission to read my board -if you need my permission -to see the confirmation . Just needs your stamp of approval.
  10. Wiltz -you interested in a trade ?? In Jensens' league ?
  11. I dropped Peterkin and Green -added Covington and Mangrum-someone threw Mikey away -MISTAKE .
  12. That's fine
  13. Snackem asked me to make out his lineup and make his last 2 picks in the supplemental but did not send them to me -what you want me to do ?.
  14. Wiltz -Tfair has no computer -so if he checks in with you will you please pass on a trade offer -#5 Manuel for #7 Sentes -he has no 174 and would help both our teams -I hate to bother you but how do you get in touch with a guy with no computer ??russ
  15. Wiltz -can I get another pick-one from someone who has dropped or passed ? I really need a 133 . Several people havee passed on this round and I need some point getters .
  16. Since I am pretty much homebound for the next few weeks I could have filled in-just ask-I'll help in any way I can .
  17. I wasn't around last night. Had stuff to do with the kids.
  18. Why have you waited ?? When I read Lattassawhatever say he liked to use the same line up to see what happened ??? Press on .
  19. I'm going to move this draft along before the weather jack's up the rest of my day.
  20. Wiltz -you and I are the only 2 people to visit this site in 18 hours or so-Cheetah has 6-8 AA's but no 125 or 33 and one 1/2 ass 141 . He has ,imo, 3 NC's in a row -possibly 4 -, from 174 on . I am trying -offering AA's for chumps with matches . But so far a guy has told me that Brown is just starting to roll and would not trade Valimont and whoever else I offered -an AA for brown and a 33 , an uphill climb -but that is all I know .
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