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  1. I'm guessing I will be doing most(all) of the work. I have a secondary motive anyway. It will force me to keep up with all these other teams. Since I will be doing some more radio this year it will be my excuse to research.
  2. Trust me -NO one will step up.i ran Gold's draft with him and my ass still hurts -our draft immediately followed by 3 days in front of this computer -I picked for 3 people and an entire team for Thaxton -a dam fine team too.
    125 TNick
    133 Dennis
    141 Diaz
    149 Mason/Cathell
    165 M*
    174 -Blanton
    184 -Keddy
    197 -Byers
    hwt -ZZZZ
    Not bad considering .
    I'll never volunteer again .
  3. I am ''assisting'' Gold -and I practically ran the draft and made picks for 3 people and picked an entire team for Thaxton . Gold said I won't have to do any scoring -he did not even know what/where the scorebook was -but I am NOT scoring shxt .
  4. I am hoping someone else will step up and I will just be assisting. Therefore a pseudo commissioner, maybe defacto-commissioner is a better term.
  5. Please explain to me what the hell a pseudo commissioner is ? Will you be tallying scores ? Answering stupid questions ? Then you are the commissioner .
  6. Do the schools actually send anyone ? I'm trying to get Galick on the mat as often as I can .
  7. it must be the same thing. Kaufman Brand is hosted by UNO so I'm assuming it's the same thing.
  8. Iowa State has the UNO open scheduled in the same place and time as the K/B open .
  9. I'm not familiar with the Omaha open
  10. Wiltz -is there a difference between the kaufmann brand open and the Omaha open ??
  11. Wiltz -I have a problem at 174 -I drafted Lee because he is nearly a lock to win the Pac 10 for the 3rd straight year -then Boise State releases their schedule and he wrestles like 4 matches -exaggeration -He is ranked 6th -with Cannon going up-in the nation and I was planning or hoping for a low AA out of him -my back up is fairly solid but I can't find anyone who will trade for a 74 -I thought about trying a package with you but Lee beat Onufer 11-4 last year and Onufer doesn't wrestle 50 matches this year -any suggestions ? I tried my old buddy Lost and he wants Esco for Manuel.some 'old buddy'.
  12. I was thinking we should switch to PM.
  13. Yes, I am a huge Iowa fan. Went to school at Iowa. Who you got?
  14. Wiltz -are you an Iowa fan ? If so -I am bored , and when I get bored MAJOR trades take place !!! Holler if you hear me .
  15. JensenS says those scores will count -let's hope they wrestle their varsity .
  16. I don't think they do. But, did you ask Jensen?
  17. Will the Boise State matches on the 31st and 6th count ? They pre-date JensenS ' starting date is why I ask .
  18. Would you be interested in Birchler -ranked #7 and rd of 12 from Edinboro-his losses at NCAA were 3-1 sv and 6-4 sv to Z and Rosholt .
  19. Sure can
  20. Could I leave you my picks as I have to go out for awhile ?
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