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  1. Jensens is stringing me along on a trade so I am going to open it up a bit...I am looking to improve at 125, 165 and 184...I am shopping both heavies at this point if it helps gain interest, Zabriskie and Ellis.
  2. You may want to hit up LoSt as he has Steele and Lane but I don't think they are in Erekson's or Ellis's league.
  3. No go?
  4. They only think I would change is just making it a straight Ellis for Jarrod King.
  5. I am afraid if I let you sleep on it, I may not do it. The offer is for #1 Ellis and #11 Gelante for #1 Jarrod King and a player to be named later.
  6. Let me sleep on it.
  7. I will trade you #1 Elllis for Jarrod King and then give you Gelante but I will need something else in return.
  8. Sorry, you KNOW I just had to do it. He is going to go apeshit on that one especially with his FORFEIT at 125...when he comes back that Ashmore wins the wrestle-off, then I will trim it to a decision and still point SCOREBOARD at 24-6.
  9. Could work out for you both
  10. I am proposing to trade Zabriskie to Mateater who has no heavy for Howe and then giving him Galante at 165 and asking for his next pick. Wonder if he would play ball. Pretty fair trade even though it exposes me. If he doesn't bite, I may offer up Ellis. I really like Howe this year.
  11. I kinda got screwed on the redraw. So if have a lot of late picks
  12. I gave you plenty of time to pick him...everything I have is for trade, just remember that.
  13. Missouri had there chance to make that happen but, couldn't beat Penn State. Borschel will beat him again if they meet at the NCAA's
  14. No way. When they met last it was in a tournament where they were both having to make weight two straight days. Fine. That being said, Raymond Jordan came down from 184 last year. Give me Raymond Jordan in a straight up dual meet.

    Then again, for the big prize, Raymond Jordan is most likely going to have to meet Jay Bo in the Big Dance under similar circumstances.
  15. LOL, you know you believe it, deep down in your heart you believe it.
  16. i'll put it down but I don't have to believe it!!!
  17. Your new Sig is: "Ra-Jay will never man handle Jay-Bo, I was misguided in my belief that would ever happen and entering into a Sig bet with Wiltz is like playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun, it never turns out well."
  18. don't you need to give me a sig? i forget who else owes me one now.
  19. your up bro
  20. They are all on in the results/college section. Tell me who you want me to look up if you need help.
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