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  1. VAIS,
    I don't mind losing as long as I lose wrestling . Last year when you were Tehgreatest I congratulated and went on with things -and you won on the next to last match of the night (Killer WBF),if you lose on the mat so be it. But when the tournament is over and you've won then turn around and lose 10 minutes later sux.
    AH or burroughs will win the wt. class . AH has already beaten some russian MEN around 25-30 years old
  2. That is a lot of points. 15 might be a bit much looking back, and youre right that its a brutal way to lose. Stay with it though. Hope youre well! Is your boy Howe gonna make some noise at OTTs?
  3. VAIS,
    The only thing pissing me of about DT / LoSt winning is they won through 15 bonus points-i don't mind losing (like in TOM last year) when your finalists outwrestled mine . But to win the tournament by 8.5 points then to sit helplessly and watch it go down the drain by some arbitrary point bonus system sucks . 15 bonus is nearly the same thing as having another champion on your team 16=1st. Imagine a 15 point swing for RD in your league ?
  4. VAIS, WTF is CTC on TOM ? He questioned my intelligence so I told him to put me on ignore and I called him a prick . I'm trying to get booted from that site. Maybe 3-4 people seem worth knowing . And few know jack shit about wrestling .
  5. They notified their friends and that's it. That league is BS and Akin is a joke Commish. They have my cell number email and could have pmd me and did none.
  6. CP,
    TOM didn't notify me or KR about the supp either .
  7. VAIS,
    WTH is this kid ? A 3x W VA champion then tranfers to St. Paris then transferred back ?? Why didn't he wrestle his senior year ? Did Purdue get a sleeper here or what ?
  8. VAIS,
    Whatever you do -STAY AWAY from Nicholson at 125.I took him in the third and then Dart let a bunch of guys know ODU only plans on wrestling him about 40% of the matches -then with his last pick he took ODU's back up 125 . No big deal but LoSt says Dart is out to get me?? WTH did I do ? I'll just keep Nicholson in the garage until the CAA's and NCAA's . That or wait until our final cut then cut him -if Dart wants to play we can play . I just don't know what i did to upset him ? Snyder from VA was 27-15 and most of his losses were at 133 -with Va's schedule he should win 30-35 matches , I hope .
  9. 149 is DC -I doubt he'll break a sweat .
    I'd go with Nadhir (NW), Cheeza (MSU) Gillespie-just as hopefuls at 149.

    As for schedules -Michigan(30),Rutgers(33),CMU(33),Maryland (28),Nebraska (29) along with the ones you listed . Minny has 27 with 19 puds and a few good tournaments . Probably the best schedule through December since they added 3 cal-duals .
  10. VAIS,

    I was in 2 leagues last year and helped Gold in your league AND it was tiresome !! But you are young and full of energy-if I had my choice I'd be in Gold's league but then everyone would say I was running away .
    I've been trying to find someone to chat with about rather obscure wrestlers who could help score beacoup season points but not much in the NCAA'S.
    Someone like say Derek Reber (125) Bucknell I have around 30 obscure kids who will win 35-40 matches but aren't that good at tourney time.
  11. VAIS,
    There are several members who know their wrestling looking for a 3rd league . Perhaps you can find time to start this one . You did a great job with last year's draft and if you need help with scoring I'll help-but you and KR should run your own league .
  12. Torsten is hurt - go to Edinboro's webpage-out for at least this weekend-Morrill is ''iffy'' -just a heads up .
  13. Yeah,it's too bad. I hope he shows up to midlands like garnett. Unfortunately theres no site like that for midlands so i'll just have to wait and see.
  14. No diaz
  15. No Diaz
  16. Vais -go to UNCGreesbore's site and hit Scuffle-then hit entry forms-then hit scuffle weight classes and you will see everyone registered .
  17. I just told you I sacrificed my last draft pick and my 141 -that I needed -to get Epperly for Goph -for a HWT who may or may not wrestle !! I did this out of friendship-I now have a mediocre ass 141-the other one is a sure conference champion but I passed on him because Gopher asked me to-I do NOT want Steele -but Goph saw where Epperly had been waived and asked me to use my last pick to get him as Onufer is hurt . Look up the 141 from UNC Greensboro-19-3 with 20+ matches left and a sure conference champion -that is who I wanted -but I sacrificed it because Goph needed Epperly . and by the way-ISU had to waste his supplemental picks losing those clowns Lost traded him
  18. i just sacrificed my 141 weight class so I HOPE he shows up.
  19. He better be back next semester. Should see the man of Steele at Scuffle.
  20. VAIS-Is Steele wrestling next semester ? I told Goph I'd use my last draft pick for a guy he wants and he will send me Steele -I need WRESTLER Y at 19067 but said I'd do this ,unless I know Steele is not coming back-I have hidden the weight class as a certain person reads all VM's and snipes away .russ
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