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  1. With Askren skipping those 2 duals and the mizzou Open for a frigging All-staR match is selfish and BS-Grey is a wuss -he folds like a cheap suit under pressure -i now have a 133 pinner and national contender and Craig might low AA-Askren is gonna choke again and he only has the PSUopen and the Midlands and then 7 duals -this is Kilgore's year-if not Pucillo or someone will beat his ass -he has scored me 3 points so far this season .
  2. oh wait, Riders mike miller, lolllll my bad
  3. Nice trade, if you had to get rid of them. Why do you say craig bites? He lost to pucillo by 1 and beat mike miller i just read.
  4. I got Ness and Craig for Askren and Grey . Craig bites but Ness is going to win it all this year .
  5. lol, not at all, just giving him heck like always.
  6. Is there a tad of discord between you and LoSt ?
  7. Gold scored 89 last week and Thaxton 91 -but that is not counting the fft rule -if you want to check scores I can tell you how .
  8. Bradshaw beat Honeycutt in wrestle offs 5-1 -coach Flynn said this is the first time Bradshaw has wrestled at his natural weight and said he would surprise a lot of people -go to Edinboro's site to read this -also Scotten from N.C. and Davis from Oregon State might help you at 157 -the ACC is weak and Davis won 30 matches at 165 last year and is cutting down to 157 his Sr. year .
  9. You have at least 10 AA's and 2 potential champs-Ness and Lewnes -a third if Steele can come back 100%-165 is your weakest weight but he will win 30 matches plus his conference and if he wrestles anywhere near his potential should AA .
  10. VAIS.
    Tigerfan posted this himself -''Jordan Oliver can't make 133 ''-look it up .
  11. Heyu VA ,
    I need your opinion -no one will trade over here because I'm the new guy and their turning down trades I offer as jokes and hope they don't accept -I offered Esco and Gallick for Patterson and the guy said no -thankfully -Just wanting to give you an example of what I am dealing with -I was offered a BAD deal but it included Steele -when will he be able to wrestle -can he go to tournaments now ? Or wait til 2nd semester .Someone offered me Humphries and Manuel and Steele but he wants Esco,Gallick and Lee-in ranking points I'd be giving up 10 and getting 38-low score wins .Help ,Russ
  12. Have you ever heard the phrase "ignorance is bliss?" I'll just go with that!
  13. Type in Scott Steele's injury on google and the coach tells you all about it . Nasty .
  14. I know his picks but not where he is ...
  15. Nay is up, do you know where he is?
  16. you're pick for thaxton is up big man.
  17. you have thaxtons number?
  18. VAIS-
    Check the rosters page and make sure I updated it correctly -my butt is numb.Russ
  19. Thanks for ALL your help .Russ
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