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  1. It would seem that it would be cancelled. We are getting absolutely pounded here. Probably wont be flights til Sunday I wouldnt think, but I know very little about airport policies.
  2. Hey Christian I supposed to fly to Richmond VA today but flight got cancelled its on for Midnight tonight. Just wondering in your opionion do you think I have a good chance of the flight not being cancelled with the bad weather you guys are having. Just wondering I have a school to attend on Monday-Friday...
  3. Thanks for all your help...Good luck on your coaching
  4. probably 30-45 is the range for VA that time of year. OBviously colder at night. Probably have a few days in the 20's.
  5. Yes I think thats perfect what about the weather that time of year..Im used to California were its 40-56 that time of year what about your city? Thanks
  6. Hey man. That's cool you'll be in Staunton. As far as what there is to do, we have a decent(for a small town) downtown area with some decent places to hang out and eat etc. Not sure exactly what you're looking to do. I am a head wrestling coach here, so i pretty much work, go to practice, get home at 7, eat, homework, sleep. We are very near Harrisonburg, VA which is significantly bigger and would have some more stuff. Just a little further away is Charlottesville, VA(about 35 min away) where UVA is. It has a lot of unique shopping areas and down town.

    Let me know what you had further in mind.

  7. Hey Christian I have to go to Staunton Va on Feb 1. I was wondering what is there to do after 5pm and what is the weather going to be like around that time. I am going to school for McQuay for 1 week. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks Andrew Osborne
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