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    Vais -go to UNCGreesbore's site and hit Scuffle-then hit entry forms-then hit scuffle weight classes and you will see everyone registered .
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    Thanks for all your help...Good luck on your coaching
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    Yes I think thats perfect what about the weather that time of year..Im used to California were its 40-56 that time of year what about your city? Thanks
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    Hey Christian I have to go to Staunton Va on Feb 1. I was wondering what is there to do after 5pm and what is the weather going to be like around that time. I am going to school for McQuay for 1 week. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks Andrew Osborne
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    I just told you I sacrificed my last draft pick and my 141 -that I needed -to get Epperly for Goph -for a HWT who may or may not wrestle !! I did this out of friendship-I now have a mediocre ass 141-the other one is a sure conference champion but I passed on him because Gopher asked me to-I do NOT want Steele -but Goph saw where Epperly had been waived and asked me to use my last pick to get him as Onufer is hurt . Look up the 141 from UNC Greensboro-19-3 with 20+ matches left and a sure conference champion -that is who I wanted -but I sacrificed it because Goph needed Epperly . and by the way-ISU had to waste his supplemental picks losing those clowns Lost traded him
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    i just sacrificed my 141 weight class so I HOPE he shows up.
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    VAIS-Is Steele wrestling next semester ? I told Goph I'd use my last draft pick for a guy he wants and he will send me Steele -I need WRESTLER Y at 19067 but said I'd do this ,unless I know Steele is not coming back-I have hidden the weight class as a certain person reads all VM's and snipes away .russ
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    With Askren skipping those 2 duals and the mizzou Open for a frigging All-staR match is selfish and BS-Grey is a wuss -he folds like a cheap suit under pressure -i now have a 133 pinner and national contender and Craig might low AA-Askren is gonna choke again and he only has the PSUopen and the Midlands and then 7 duals -this is Kilgore's year-if not Pucillo or someone will beat his ass -he has scored me 3 points so far this season .
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    I got Ness and Craig for Askren and Grey . Craig bites but Ness is going to win it all this year .
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    Is there a tad of discord between you and LoSt ?
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    Gold scored 89 last week and Thaxton 91 -but that is not counting the fft rule -if you want to check scores I can tell you how .
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    Bradshaw beat Honeycutt in wrestle offs 5-1 -coach Flynn said this is the first time Bradshaw has wrestled at his natural weight and said he would surprise a lot of people -go to Edinboro's site to read this -also Scotten from N.C. and Davis from Oregon State might help you at 157 -the ACC is weak and Davis won 30 matches at 165 last year and is cutting down to 157 his Sr. year .
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    You have at least 10 AA's and 2 potential champs-Ness and Lewnes -a third if Steele can come back 100%-165 is your weakest weight but he will win 30 matches plus his conference and if he wrestles anywhere near his potential should AA .
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    Tigerfan posted this himself -''Jordan Oliver can't make 133 ''-look it up .
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    These guys just don't get it. They are so afraid of the potential that Bradley will take his spot that they don't see the fact that he is a returning National Champion. Oh well, like I said before, I will gladly keep him on the team.
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    Heyu VA ,
    I need your opinion -no one will trade over here because I'm the new guy and their turning down trades I offer as jokes and hope they don't accept -I offered Esco and Gallick for Patterson and the guy said no -thankfully -Just wanting to give you an example of what I am dealing with -I was offered a BAD deal but it included Steele -when will he be able to wrestle -can he go to tournaments now ? Or wait til 2nd semester .Someone offered me Humphries and Manuel and Steele but he wants Esco,Gallick and Lee-in ranking points I'd be giving up 10 and getting 38-low score wins .Help ,Russ
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    Hey I'm online for a little bit. Have picks ready pretty much.
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    Type in Scott Steele's injury on google and the coach tells you all about it . Nasty .
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    I know his picks but not where he is ...
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    Check the rosters page and make sure I updated it correctly -my butt is numb.Russ
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