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  1. LOL, I'm an idiot. I'm going on 2 hours of sleep and am lucky to even put together a coherent sentence right now. Trusty wrote the two comments below mine on your page, so I just saw his name and put it down. You know how it goes
  2. Not Trusty. Its ok, I understand you would rather recieve good luck from Trusty. I will let him know when I see him today at the tournament . Good luck enjoy the tournament.
  3. Thanks for the support Trusty. I heard that they're only bringing 8 teams to dual state, and I honestly don't think we'll be in the top 8. Oh well. Good luck to you and your guys at state as well. You aren't going to NCAAs are you?
  4. Good luck to you guys this weekend and the 28th with duel state. I am heading out to our tournament in a few hours, Only three got in but all could place top three.
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