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  1. Trusty, Nice job down at the can this year. I watched the semi final between your 52 and Kluesner from Conifer, he used to be one of mine, that was a great match.
  2. Thanks for the info. Any idea how much those will cost.

    We havent got a new dog yet , we are waiting on the breeders dogs to mate then we will have a pup in feb. Thanks for asking.
  3. The CHSAA one is soon, I think Branch is putting it on. Cherrington/UNC is in the next week or two. Did you get a new pup?
  4. Trusty,

    Do you know of any coaching clinics coming up this year in Colorado?
  5. Our Junior 45 pounder took 3rd. I thought both had a great shot of winning it all, but a couple break focus and boom!
  6. Trusty congrats on your 89lber taking second. How did the rest of your boys do?

    We had one place 3rd at 160, he was picked to win it, 171 finished 1A and 189 0-2. All seniors, all great kids.
  7. Trusty,

    Congratulations, that is a pretty good showing. Good luck at state.

    We had 3 get through, but we had some kids wrestle tough and lose in consi semis and wrestle backs. Our 160 should win it and our 171 should place top 3, 189 is a toss up.
  8. Thanks Colby! How'd you guys end up? We finished 3rd as a team and qualified 5 for State. I'm pretty happy with the young team. (6 Frosh,3 Soph,4 Jr and a Senior) See ya on Thursday!
  9. Trusty,

    Good lick this weekend, I hope you get as many through as you can. Look forward to seeing you at state.
  10. I will be there sat only. I have to work on Friday and cant get away before the holiday. I will see you there.
  11. See ya at UNC Fri/Sat?
  12. I hear ya! Little dude know's every guy in NCAA and NFL.
  13. Trusty you cant let your boy keep beating you in the football picks

    scroll down to "nighthawkxj" for info
  15. Is it dual climate control? If so, the problem is the "blend doors". You can get a FIY kit on ebay. You can also go to and do a search for heater/AC problem, most people are very helpful. Let me know.
  16. Trusty I have a jeep question for you. My jeep started only blowing ac or heat out of the defrost venst on top of the dash. I cant figure out why, I took apart the control assembly and everything seems to be good. Any ideas on what it could be?
  17. Good to hear! He'll like Miles. Now I have a new guy to root for!
  18. That's my old one. I have a different one now.
    Yes the 4.0 is tough for a dialy driver. I had a 4.0 in one of my rock crawlers, but It also had 5:38 gears and a 4:1 transfer case, great little engine, I smoked all the v8 guys on the trail!
  19. Hey is that your jeep in the photo. I have a 03 cherokee with a weak 6 in it.
  20. Trusty my brother in law is in at western pending his act score. His recruiting trip went great and Miles said he thinks he would have a shot at placing this year. Don't know if he is just building him up because I don't know Miles but still a good compliment. I guess they are trying to bring Oregon's HWT down right now so it looks likes he will get a red shirt year which is good. I am so excited to see what he can do with some top tier coaching.
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