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  1. The community is strong and will do well. People from all over the State have been incredible! Just pretty crazy to see a tornado this close to the mountains??
  2. Man I am happy to hear you guys got passed up by the tornado. How is everyone up there coping with the situation? Seems like the midwest isn't getting any breaks this year as far as the tornadoes.
  3. All is good! I'm a lucky guy, the tornado that ripped through Windsor misssed my house by about a mile or so! If your bro in law ends up at Western, he'll have a good coach, Miles is a great guy!
  4. Hey how has everything been going? My Brother in law is going on a recruiting trip next week to Western hopefully he can get in the room and beat out Skinner at heavy.
  5. Yes, he went 3-2 @ 60 kg. Couldn't make 55.
  6. Trusty did Graff go to Vegas?
  7. Yeah, I have some experience myself.
  8. Trusty that is the "Im drunk giving a speech pose". I have mastered it over the years.
  9. Trusty where do you guys fish?
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