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  1. I don't think your roster would have allowed a trade like what Zapp and I did. He had depth where I had holes, so we'll see if it was the right thing or not, either way not too worried about it.
  2. t,
    Wish you'd have let me know Simaz was on the market-I'd have given you anyone but Burroughs for him .
    I hope the trade works for you .
    best of luck
  3. ok-check gimp software-he is wrestling
  4. hold on for a second
  5. I thought I remembered promising you a 49-but Green was hurt then got better then med def'd out -
    i'll post the trade -
    PLEASE make GAGE stop chatting at me .
  6. Well sure I'd take that it and I'll confirm.
  7. Trusty-
    I traded Green but he got hurt so I went and got another 49 and then the guy wanted Gillespie so I traded him Gillespie for Stabile -Stabile is wrestling this weekend if you want him for Vinson-before his injury last year he beat vinson 4-0-he was 29-11 the year before that and was ACC runner up-Just an FYI if you wanted a 149 who was wrestling this week .
  8. rusty -
    How about #9 Kjar and #4 Biondo for #2 LeBlanc and #13 Bonano ?
  9. Trusty -
    I've aways liked Banga( what I call him ) but I have Scheidel-the guy ranked in front of him in the CAA.
    Would Biondo be a good enough replacement for LeBlanc ? #4 for #2 but with a superior schedule .
    Perhaps we could put some sort of package together with other weights involved -I have Desi Green at 49 and Kjar at 125 -perhaps we could throw something together ?
  10. Ray and Goeres were good pick ups -Ray has Ashmore beaten at the CK save for a very questionable TD call and Anwar is a solid 141 with little to no comp in the CAA -yet he still finds a way to lose now and then ?? Herd to figure -he stuck Accordino then got stuck last year a week apart .
  11. Trusty -
    i have some friends at Bloomington and they said Cleveland's scream scared them .If there is any way you and I could deal that would be great -if not ,i understand . GAGE really did send me all those pm's to the point of exhaustion .
    i have 2 141's and my entire roster ( save Metcalf and esco ) are tradeable .
    the last time I dealt with GAGE he agreed to Foster/Craig -then wanted to post Craig/Cameron . i am being completely honest here and if you wish you can check my board .
    w/out ripping our rosters to shreds we can come to an amicable agreement .
    I could offer you Ciasulli and Craig for Foster and ?? Seth was EIWA champ and ranked 13th -he dropped for some reason -he is 5-3 but all his losses were 7-5 to Naumann ,7-1 to Hump and 5-4 to Krom and he was one match way from AA'ing last year .
    If you want to try and work out a trade fine ,if not ,no hard feelings .Russ
  12. easy enough
  13. Let's just cancel the trade . I have 18 Pm's from GAGE after I asked you to talk to him and if I ignore him he leaves ''Answer me when I send you a message'' Notes .
    I'll just change my line up back and I hate to do this but I'll block GAGE from sending me stuff -Sorry but I thought I was helping .
  14. I'm sure he did, but he forgot to mention I would have look into some things before finalizing the trade.
  15. If you do not want the trade -fine -but GAGE sent me 10 PM's over the last 12 hours -not including another 1/2 dozen or so after I contacted you . He also said you were there and PM'd me thanking me -go to my PM board and check for your self .
  16. Just looked up some info on UNO site and I was wrong....Scott Ruff was the UNO guy I was thinking of, 91 National Champion-142 while Glen Brand was National Champ in 81 at 142........way before my college years.
  17. Most years ISU attends
  18. UNO Open and kaufman-brand open is the same thing. Most just call it UNO Open, Kaufman was a national champ for UNO in the early 90's that died somehow while Brand also passed away but not sure his affiliation with UNO....I remember Ryan well because we wrestled the same time in college.
  19. So -are we not drafting today -or are you going to skip LoSt ?
  20. Sir-you are the only person besides nyself to even consider Barnes at 49-I waited til he wrestled Ruschell and Ruschell majored him so I went with ruschell-I follow Barnes and last I saw he was 22-4 how many of his points converted ?
    The entire Oregon State team is overrated -for now -next year Kubec will be better and Mangrum will be at 41 and Davis ,Braschetta ,Hanke and Jack will all be really good ..
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