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  1. okay. thnk you again
  2. Glad to help. I'll mail it out on Monday, so you should get it in about a week or sooner.
  3. i emailed u the info. thnk u very much btw
  4. No charge.
  5. just wonderin. it doesnt cost ne thing does it
  6. I can make you a copy of a DVD that has some of the moves on it. Give me a mailing address and I'll send you one. Email me at
  7. thnk you. tht will help me alot. but do you have ne way i could see the moves being done. like on a video or dvd
  8. My outline is in the email. I hope it helps.
  9. i saw on a previous post tht u snt sum1 a video or instructions on leg riding.
    i am tryin to learn how could u email me the instructions of the outline clinic.
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