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  1. I looked up Jordan. His record is very impressive. I also read his blog and he seems like a nice kid and a good role model.
  2. Haven't had a chance to look him up yet.
  3. did you look up Jordan Blaton yet?
  4. hey sorry about that i thought he was you son. but hay check this guy out he is my bff and i made him famuse. name is Jordan Blanton and you can find him on youtube or google. after you look him up tell me what you think. this kid went to rbchs with me
  5. Hi, Kelly. There are plenty of people on this forum with more wrestling knowledge than me, but I hope my advice is helpful. That picture was me (the old guy), and Fanforlife and LoSt, who are posters here. We met up at the NCAA DI tournament last year. I'm a volunteer assistant high school coach, and I have a grown daughter, but no kids who wrestle.
  6. hey you dont now me but you give good advise and now i know who to go to fot advise. by the way my name is kelly
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