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  1. TLV-
    Benefiel scored you a boat load of points -I think McNeil is benched now .
  2. Yea-I saw that -IF- money changed hands he is screwed .PERIOD. Coughlin 's career is over as he passed out trying to make 149 for the FITE duals . I am in touch with Matt's parents and never has a kid been screwed over by a lying coach as much as Matt has by Goldman .
  3. I'm fine with HWT......have both Bradley and Jack. I needed a 174 pounder since Benefiel wasn't wrestling and I got one.....and if Benefiel beats him out second semester, I still have him too. Need a 157 pounder since jD hasn't been wrestling and Coughlin has been at different weights........I don't think that he can maintain 149 and be terribly healthy or effective. Your pick up of Salazar is a good one for you. Unless the next 2 guys ahead of me take my two alternative picks , I'm ok at 157. BTW, on the Guillotine, a guy claimed that he was fBing wiht JD and JD said he was wrestling at the SS. So.........the jury is still out!
  4. Nah-you can't have 16 on your roster -I am torn between what I need and want -that's all -I didn't need Salazar -just picked up the #12 guy who has 20 matches left . Good luck on the hwt -ere is the guy I was going to take at HWT-if you want him -Ed bordas from Rider -defending CAA champion with 14 matches left besides the Midlands .#16
  5. Nope, i need my next pick, but you can have the one after that.........if I can have 16 guys on my roster. I still don't believe the rumour about JD..........but I am going to pick up a strong 257 pounder. Other than Nord, there is noone on my roster to get rid of. Jack is doing fine, Yohn is doing fine and Hashimoto was doing fine until he got hurt and I dont' knwo what his injury is
  6. I thought maybe later we could work something out for Salazar since the NCAA screwed J but that's ok.
  7. TLV-
    you want Eric Decker for your next draft pick ?
  8. I read a small ''rumor'' a month or so but paid it no mind -kinda sux if true . But he has yet to wrestle so...I'll search but did not find anything earlier .
  9. TLV-
    let me know what you think of that offer so you won't have to keep ffting 174.Russ
  10. Wisconsin scares me sometimes -if Graff would have wrestled last year and Howe and Brandvold could have held 184 they could have pushed for the National title -now they are using their 184 as a hwt .He looks like Schwarzenagger when he was young but still-that is a leap...
    I wanted Graff and was hoping he'd last but I got stuck with Grey .
    As I look at everyone's squads -I don't see anyone that stands heads above anyone else .Looks like we have as close to parity as it comes -the NE duals will weed out some pretender 33's and 41 's .
  11. I've seen Goldman do that several times -I also think the kids cut too much weight -Kinser was a huge 152 in high school and now he is twice that size as he is a MMAist -Esco wrestled 135 -I don't see how he keeps making 125 -I went through the Kinser/Coughlin deal last year for the first 1/2 then traded both away . I love both of them to death and have followed their careers since Jr. High-Kinser and Young were State champs their junior and senior years at bloomington south .
  12. I saw Goldman do something at a UM meet which I thought was......well.....interesting. He had kid that was taking lung timeouts......and Goldman, being a Gable trained guy, finally had enuf and basically pushed the kid back out on the mat and told him to quit stalling......the crowd went nuts.

    This will be a fun year for both Minny and the Badgers I think. The folks at teh Guillotine are way to optimistic, but I see a top 5 finish for Minny and perhaps a top 10 for Sconny.


  13. As an IU alum -who just sent Goldman an e-mail informing him he was a joke -Coughlin will never see 49 again -he and Kurt will split matches like last year -which is sad because I am friends of the Coughlins . When he was a freshman he came to IU the #1 160 in the nation and beat Becker in wrestle offs -but was forced to cut to 49 where he AA'd-then was forced to go 165 because -after beating Becker again -Goldman said it was fore the team -then last year when Kinser couldn't make weight he let him go 57 and benched Matt .Walpole has quit the team again and the room is in disarray -I picked esco/ and Young and Ortega for the lame schedule IU wrestles -I'll drop both at supplemental draft -IU wrestles 2Div 3 teams and 2 NAIA teams .
    Esco is for real -the others depend on schedule weakness -save Young and Everhart .
  14. Nuts...............I Must have misread when they were wrestling. Oh well...................thanks for the headsup.
  15. TLV-Dobies wrestled Newberry and Anderson on the 19th -he won one by fall and got beat -but I am not sure that his scores will count as they took place the day before your line up was due .
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