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  1. Tim,
    I NEED Reader !! Look at my roster -Young lost to a joke today .
  2. I'm kinda disappointed -thought I'd have at least 150
  3. You are beating me 123 to 119. Not a bad first day for bothof us, eh?
  4. Scotten is in the qtr finals today at the SS.
  5. You a lot!!!
  6. Hi again way that'd I'd take that much time and do that much research for this. I review matches , but as you undoubtedly have guessed, I'm a Sconny/Minny guy and do follow them closely. that's why I think that last years record of S Yohn predict NOTHING as to this year. BTW, C Salazar lost today.............Benefiel was my choice both last and this year, because I'm from Illinois and still following wresling down there. Thus Dergo and the last two year Smith from U of I.

    Gonna stand pat at least for a while longer.

  7. gotta call BS on the older than -I am 52 going on 345.
  8. Brain fart, Russ, Brain fart(i"m much older than you) Was looking long and hard at Scotten, but either he was gone when I chose or I changed mty mind. Good thing, cause Scotton lost early today! Iknow what it was: Scottne was higher ranked and had a better record, but John beat him.......there we go. That's my position and i"M sticking to it.
  9. Tim,
    your roster says you have Kyle John but your line up says Scotten and JAKE ?? Which is it ?
  10. Tim,
    THAT research took me about an hour and 1/2 .Just go to DIV1 wrestling and they have schedules ,records from the last 3 years and rankings -then just keep your eye out for injuries -I'd never done fantasy ANYTHING and gave it a shot last year -was in dead last and started trading and researching -came in second .
    I really want Reader -if you want to wait a week or so to check out this offer, feel free, I offer -and this one hurts -#11 Paul Young and #13 Colt Salazar-for #4 Jon Reader and #24 Kyle John -I have known Paul since he was in 7th grade so it kills me to offer him but..the reality is Reader is better right now -not much-but better -Salazar is #2 in the big 10 where John is #4 in the ACC .
    Paul's 2 losses have been a 1 point to Howe and 2 pointer to Rendos .Salazar is 15-4 and will go deep into the tourney-I have O'Conner -the guy I think will win it -I just need to back him up-this way you keep JAKE just in case . Let me know russ
  11. The weight class you say I am weak at I have a combined record of 29-6-at 174 Benefiel may be a blessing and a curse as you kept McNeil-Was I right about Jack ?? Everyone else from Oregon State is like 17-3 or so-James ,Burke,Henderson are all ranked above him in the big 5 so you left your self little wiggle room -I picked Loopy with the very last supplemental pick and with his schedule and more importantly the quality of opponents he could win 40 + matches .
    Let me know who you want for Reader or Yohn/Dergo.
  12. Good lord no! I don't do that type of research. must be why I'm near the bottom of the heap.I just go for guys that I respect based upon their history or a hunch about them., Benefiel was a good hunch..........Nord a bad one. Hashimoto a good hunch that is turning out bad.
  13. Tim,
    Don't you read all your wrestler's schedules for the year and see what week you will be ffting a weight class and what guys won't be in the top 2 to get the conference bonus ??
    I do that before I draft -at 141 Melde has 17 matches left after the Midlands and Loopy has 18 and has already pinned everyone in his conference . I have a few open dates at 84 and 65-and 1 at 33 -I never set out to ''GET OVER'' on anyone and try to trade fairly -the trades I would not have made have been offered to me by Goph-who panicked easily-but he drafted in the Supp and then his 165 went down the day before -the Kid from Wyoming -so he asked me to draft Epperly then when that fell through I gave him my back up leaving me short .
  14. Help me out here Russ. i've never traded. Why do you need a backup 84 or a 65. You look strong to me everyplace but 41. The only place I'm having doubts for my team is 157 and 197. What is your theory?
  15. Tim ,
    I am looking for a back up 184 or a starting 165 -take a lok at my roster and see if there is anyone you'd want or need -also-if Brandvold is healthy I have #4 Lapotsky I'd trade -he is 13-1 and was runner up at the CK.
  16. Tim -
    I ''borrowed '' Zabriskie from Goph -I gave him my hwt and Craig for Z and Triggas -whom I have NO use for -it worked out as Goph's 184 was skipping Midlands -So I gave him Birchler 16-5 and Craig 7-1 for A rental of Z 7-0 and Triggas ?? -I had no one else to offer you but Melde and most people have never heard of him -was the #10 ranked guy in America at any weight and was Rsing last year then pulled it and he finished 27-7. Thanks anyway .russ
  17. #16 Melde 141 has 6-8 matches against bad comp-it won't be til the end of January to the 2nd week of Feb. -he wrestles East Strousburg Virginia,Navy,Lehigh .Liberty ,American and Drexel-With Hash hurt you can hide Thorn against some big 10 comp. Jensens was going to do it but wanted Melde permanently for Barlow .No way -Melde is 10-3 with losses to Hump,Naumann 8-7,and LeClere 7-3 .
  18. A 'loaner' is possible, Russ. Who you have in mind to trade me?
  19. Tim-
    I need a loaner heavyweight or to trade for one -if a ''loaner ' i'll send you someone for 3 weeks as per the rules -if you want to trade let me know -i filed out my schedule for the year and have 2 open dates -the weeks of 1/29 and 2/5 at hwt.
    Birchler is doing well enough 16-5 with having wrestled a dozen or more ranked guys -I just hate an open week . Let me know .russ
  20. I see that! And if I"d had Scotton beffore this weekend, he would have gotten me some as well. And word has it that Dietchler is healed up, eligible and ready to go at the Scuffle.
    lIfe is good!!
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