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  1. Is Baker still hurt ? he hasn't wrestled since he med fft'd his last match -who else would you be interested in parting with for Hoehn -he's really turned it up this year and with 141 being so crazy I went out and got him because I don't trust 1let me know .41 in the big 10-just too tough and Hernandez might not score that much -
  2. Check the remarks I left under the PSU open-what a frigging joke of a ''scored'' tourney .
  3. Thanks, i'm turkey overdosed!
  4. Just couldn't sit here and do nothing -you listed Fio as your 125 lber but you dropped him 2 weeks ago when you picked up Sientes .
  5. If Kinser does wrestle 149 I'd be first in line to pick him up again, but that remains to be seen.
  6. Goldman , the IU coach will have Kinser at 149 in a few weeks -that or he won't wrestle -that's just the way Goldman is .
  7. Sorry, but I wasn't interested in a 174, as I already have the champ - Jordan. I'm not too big on Baxter either. I think I did well on picking up Steve Brown - CMU at 149. Kinser/Coughlin situation at 157 is too unsettled for me.
  8. I wish you would have talked to me about Kinser then maybe we could have worked something out where we wouldn't have had to spend a waiver -I'm down to 5 since 2 redshirted and 1 quit -I have 2 174 lbers that are studs but I can only wrestle one -Lucas and Brennar is coming down from 184 -he was 20-5 last year at 184 and could take it all-Lucas was seventh and is tough .Ranked 5th in the nation . I would have given you Baxter for Kinser -he won 36 matches last year but is only ranked 15th @149.
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