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  1. Thanks man -the trade won't be in effect until the next schedule -that is if you want to trade -I really have a shot at the top 4 now -I thought you'd want to do it this way rather than use one of your waivers .
    If you wish to just draft and trade we could do that but you have a top guy just sitting on the shelf . I really think Mclemore is going to be ok -he's just coming back from an injury and lost 7-4 to Leclere and then beat a stud 12-10 then lost by a point to another top guy -I wrestled Stewart instead of Howe and he has come back in the consi's and won 3 in a row 6,5,6..still wrestling . That's what I meant about 65 -Young from IU was 17-3 and didn't get seeded and lost by a point to Reader then stuck Morella and won 2 more matches -he faces Stewart in the morning .
    Your line up is so strong I couldn't see any one you'd want to drop-plus by making this trade you allow me NOT to trade Precin to Zapp-helping me and hurting your competition at the same time .Smart .
  2. Drouin is in the wrestlebacks. My other 9 are all in the semis. Brester is not competing. If I trade you Hall, it won't be until after tomorrow.
  3. You have my word that I would trade him back to you -right now you are literally uncatchable .Donahoe has pinned everyone he has wrestled , Gillespie has teched everyone -do you have anyone who has lost ?Besides Hoehn and he wasn't a scorer and he damn near won .
  4. You're making me feel guilty and we haven't even started the conference season yet. What if I trade you Hall and Gillespie gets injured?
  5. The very most points Zapp could have scored in week 7 was 53 and some of those are shady because of ffft.s-you are the champion.
    Now PLEASE trade me Hall.
  6. I'd like to get rid of Glasser simply because he's from Minnesota .
  7. I don't know what you are worried about -your guys at Reno put you well over a 100+ points ahead laST WEEK AND YOUR LINEUP THIS WEEK is incredable -2 in the qtrs. at 25 -one at 33-1 at 41 ,49 gillespie has teched everybody -I worked my ass off to score 60+ points last week and that would have put me in 5th but Mateater had the finalists at 165 at Reno-plus Kinser didn't wrestle 3 matches and sat out the midlands -Please trade me Hall-I am fighting for my life down here -especially with stewart losing in the first round .Glasser or Howe would be a great back up or I 'll give you Kinser -whatever -help a brother out .
  8. You are already a lock for the final four if not the outright championship-I'd offer you any of my best wrestlers but they are at the same weight your's are -who would you want -Howe or Glasser -right now I'm ffting every other match at 157 -my 174 never showed up at the Scuffle -a #4 seed Trotman-just didn't show -the rest of the team was there ....What I am saying is I won't make the finals unless I get a 97 and a 57-i dropped Coughlin to pick up Orozco and he gets beat out by Halsey -so I'm doubly screwed . No 157 1/2 the time and 0 197 .
  9. I don't think I can carry more on my roster. A two for one trade won't work. You're right, come tourney time Hall rides the bench. I'll have a better idea after Midlands/Scuffle if I'm a shoo-in for the playoffs. If so, I'll consider helping you out with Hall.
  10. Wanna make a trade ? I'll give you Kinser and Glasser for Hall-Kinser and Glasser would be great backups and you can only wrestle one of your 57 's at tourney time and we both know you are going to wrestle GG .
  11. At 165 everyone is overlooking my guy -Stewart -but he was one of the few to beat Tattnebaum from Michigan last year and he's lost to Morningstar and King by 2 points each this year -my 197 got beat out by a kid who quit last year but he is a stud -Halsey -he's ranked 7th by Div 1 this week -he was 29-6 and beat Askrew in the first round of the NCAA's -sat out a year and now is back -won the Reno-look at my roster and if you need anyone and will trade for a 197 lber -either draft or trade -let me know -I'm willing to give up Howe at 165 -you'll need a backup and he's a stud .
  12. You might have jinxed me by questioning Drouin. It looks like he might not even show up for Midlands. Man, that will suck if Hoehn shines. We're cool....I just think my lineup looks strong for NCAA's. I think 8 AA is almost a lock, maybe a couple champs you never know. Can't wait for a possible Marable/Fay finals. Nick can silence the doubters.
  13. I didn't mean to ofend you with the AA remarks -just so much can happen in the big 12 and the big 10-Hoehn is ranked 4th at 141 in the conference and I would take any of the top 5 174 lbers in the big 12 over mine -Jordan,Burke ,etc. are all possible AA's -the only problem in your line up is 149 -Sherry is , frankly , disappointing alot of people and Brown does well in duals but the day he wrestled Metcalf so well he lost his next match to Borschell-he may be cutting too much and that kid -Zimmerman-NILL is unbeaten at that weight so there's no guarantee of those bonus points and the NCAA has been fairly cruel to the MAC in recent years on invites .
    i hope all is cool between us .
  14. I mean you're winning by a zilllion points so you obviously know what you are doing but Hoehn has won 10 in a row dating back to his 3rd place in the Miss open-he lost to Prater then avenged his loss to the hofstra kid and hasn't looked back-he's beaten williams -ODU-Krom Maryland-both rated and then just hicked ass out in the CC's plus majored the OSU kid .You sure you want to bench him ? Or wrestle both he and drounin.
  15. Oregon State is running a live score and they are ahead after 3 matches 10-4 -they started at 33 and Kubec majored somebody -then Hoehn got a major then Barnes stuck Sherry . Go to OSUBEAVERS.COM
  16. Hoehn is just kicking ass -he beat Novacek and went 3-0 on the day .
  17. All right every thing is posted and we're good to go-your only ahead about 300 points -Only way I can catch you is if the roof caves in at the Midlands -just on your kids -this Trotman won 26 matches at 184 as a true freshman last year -but Brennar was 20-5 last year at 184 and now I want to kick his ass -headlocked by Perry from IU ? The only way Perry wins any match is with that HL. Brennar -on the WVA site says 174 is his natural weight -then why is he 9-4 ? The one tourney he did real well in didn't count -Stewart , Mario Mason and Alton Lucas all won tourneys that didn't count . Also-Baxter got 2nd at WTech tourney -lost to Yates 3-2 -then his coach moved him to 157 for the benefit of the team . Where he lost 4 in a row to top 15 wrestlers .
    The reason I feel all tournaments should count is Zapp doesn't count bye or advancement points or anything that makes it fun -just like a dual.
  18. D-hoe ,if eligible , is the only person to beat my guy at 125-Precin.I don't blame you for taking Hoehn over Jarequi-although you're a little leen at 49 -Hoehn beat Williams and Krom on the same day -I was thinking of benching Hernandez and wrestling Hoehn at the Midlands -some seniors just give up and some give it their all-I believe Hoehn falls in the latter category .I'll post the trade with Zapp just to be safe .
  19. I wanted Hoehn for this weekend as well. I don't have much flexibility - I've got to keep Sentes until I know D-hoe is eligible and wrestling. I'm not willing to give up Bell or Baker for Hoehn just yet. I guess I could give up Henderson? Ok. I'll do it.
  20. Tell you what -I'll give you Hoehn/ Jarequi if you draft a 174 lber for me -has to be done imediately though-before next lineups -174 I want is no stud but he wrestles in a coupla tourneys before the first -Trotman from App.State . I need him, soon so I can put him in the Reno next week.

    you draft Trotman and trade him to me for Hoehn /Jarequi -your choice .
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