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  1. Heck, why not? Let's keep it interesting. I'll take Ruschell and Clark for Brown and Sentes. Post it. Good luck!
  2. TF-Ruschell is yours IF I don't make the final 6 -and believe it or not -I am -I've scored 66 points this weekend with 8 matches left -So you want to do the Brown /Sientes for Ruscell /Clark ? Now that you have Baker you have him to flex .
    You have the champion a 25 in Donahoe , Also , this way you are certain of getting Ruschell , who will be ranked 5th after this week . Ruschell may lose to Metcalf again but he'll do better than Brown in the NCAA's .
  3. As I recall, Ruschell is mine if I want him anyway (Hall trade). Clark for Sentes? Hmmmm. I'll have to think about that. I'll let you know.
  4. TF -what do you think about Rushcell and Clark for the CMU boys at 49 and 25 ?
  5. the big 10 only has 8 duals and the tourney -that's ok-I have a few guys who will pick one up for me -Ruschell is 17-4 and his losses are to Metcalf ,Palmer ,Caldwell and Patascil-Metbull majored him but everything else has been a few points -he's for real-how does this tournament stuff work ? A couple of my non starters are going to win their conferences easily but are no where as good as the starter-does that mean I'm stuck with that guy for the NCAA's ????
  6. No thanks, Glasser is my fill in for when Marable doesn't wrestle. Big10 has more remaining duals than anybody. Jury is still out on Ruschell v. Brown. Unless Baker gets healthy and proven, Sentes will be my scoring flex guy come tournament time.
  7. TF-

    I was wondering if you still had Glasser ? I was going to offer you Riley Orozco for him -Riley cut down to 184 and is 3-0 with 2 majors . I need a backup for stewart and I notice you haven't been using Glasser and thought we could just swap-even ?
    I mentioned to Zapp how bad the rosters page was -you still have Trotman according to it . If you still have Glasser and are interested let me know -Orozco would be a good fill in for when Caputo doesn't wrestle---
    Thanks for all your help .
  8. Through trades I've a fair line up-now I'm working on a great line-up-125-Clark-133-Dennis 141-Cleveland-149-Ruschell-157-Hall-165 -Stewart-174-Henrich -184 Patterson-197 Byers -Hwt-Massey-is there any way I can get Sientes off your bench ?
  9. I know it is late in the season but I have a good back up 184 -Orozco-he cut down from 97 and won the Stanford duals -I'll let you have him if you draft Conner Bebee from CMU at 133 for me . Those Ivy league schools wrestle so few matches -but what do you care -you have a trillion point lead .
  10. one wonders why Edinboro didn't wrestle Donahoe in the semis of the Va Duals .....
  11. I see everyone wants scotti-I might be interested in maybe coming off someone real good for him or maybe Precin if you promise to keep Precin -
  12. No thanks. I want to see how Ruschell does during the Big10 season first. If he's for real at 149, I'll consider picking him up for the dance.
  13. I'll trade you Ruschell for Brown right now .
  14. Just wanted to thank you again and check and see how you were doin'-when i was coaching i had a tournament where my 119 lber took a kid down making the score 15-0 so he let the guy up and the ref didn't call a tech fall and we ended up losing by 1/2 a point -I didn't know whether to cry , shit, or go blind .So I have some idea what you're going through today -if it's any comfort Lewnes only beat King by a point at the Scuffle -never thought jordan would go down -I was so happy when the pre seeds changed and Ruschell got the 3 -that is another thing -luck of the draw -even if your kid is seeded he might run into some monster from some BS conference -I know if I were a coach and saw my kid had a guy from Binghampton I'd be happy til Patterson showed up-WAY back in the day I wrestled the newspapers never carried scores or anything -you showed up and wrestled the guy across the mat .
  15. Done !! Thank you -I scored 147 points by the way w/out 2 starters . I'll post it -and if GG gets hurt you get him back and if I don't make the finals you get Ruschell if you want him .
  16. Sorry about your 197 situation. By my count, just looking at Scuffle/Midlands results, RD had 83, Herkey had 101, Zapp had 121, Gold had 134 and I had 189. So I'll trade you Hall for Glasser, with the promise that if you're not gonna make the playoffs, you'll trade me Ruschell if I want him. Deal?
  17. Sorry about the Reality check you had in the semi's yesterday -as an old wrestling coach I learned a long time ago not to take anything for granted -you'll bounce back-I never counted on Dennis winning the midlands and after Faulk went down I thought Precin would win -never counted on my 174 not showing up nor 157 -when you get to the tournament 184 belongs to Herbert and 149 to Metcalf -I think you saw what can happen any other weight . Good luck to you regardless-I hope you do the Hall deal as you have nothing to lose -but i'll understand -couldn't help but notice Hoehn pulled out a 7th place . That's the way a senior should wrestle -balls to the wall.
  18. I can see now why you questioned my integrity about the Hoehn trade -I had 2 guys PROMISE to trade me for a 197 lber and backed out . If you want to keep Hall that 's fine -you used the word 'if'-when life has gotten to the point when you can't trust wrestlers or ex-wrestlers things are pretty messed up-even w/out Med FFt points I've broken the 500 point barrier but I'm not going anywhere w/out Hall or the 97 pounder I wanted -Strange-I stay on this site because I love wrestling-yet this is the only site where my honor has ever been called into question -twice -and I've kept my word at every turn and now have been lied to twice -not by you -Quit is not in my vocabulary so I'll kep trying . If you want to do the Hall thing -fine -if not-fine . Thanks .
  19. Donahoe tf-ed Fluke.
  20. I posted the scores of the Scuffle -at least some -GG16-0 and donahoe TF 21-5-your team is ridiculously good -I think I just got my last points out of Orozco as he lost to Fagiano so now I have to hustle up a 197 lber -my luck is ridiculous -used my last pick on Orozco and he gets beat out the next week!!!
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