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  1. Deal. That's a no brainer. I like Bell alot, but Ness has been there before and is almost a sure thing to AA. Good luck with Bell, unless he beats Ness, then I'll kill you.
  2. TF-how would you like to play -''Let's make a deal''? I will give you one -Jayson ''crybaby'' Ness for Steven Bell-Ness is a fine wrestler but he is from Minnesota ,whom I hate -I only picked up Glasser for 2 matches and then that shithead is gone -if I can get anything for him . I am trying in fantasy -I have 56 points so far with 9 matches left this week.
  3. When did Vernon cut down to 141 ? He beat a fine wrestler in that NC State kid -Caramancia-boy- this never gets boring , does it . That will change the entire complexion of the big 12 at 141 .
  4. Yes, so I'm sure that Zapp will be consistent and not score those points for Chriswell, either. At least we won the vote 5-2 to change it for tourney time.
  5. This no points for fft has killed me -I am close to just giving up-if Gold gets points for his match with Chriswell-where Chriswell was ahead 5-1 then the kid inj def . I QUIT-didn't the same thing happen last week to you ?
  6. Zapp wants you to send him an updated Roster -I told him a month ago those things are way wrong -the trade went through ok he just wants to update everyone's stuff .
    Kinda sucks that Champ left him with all this stuff to handle .
  7. sure, you can have Glasser. Good luck.
  8. Since you are using Glasser as a back up-I have a good back up but on the days I need him he'll have to wrestle the conference's best -would you consider Roger Smith Bergstrum for Glasser ?
  9. TF-I try to be as open and honest as possible .That said I am going to kill you if Terry puts my guy out of the tournament .
    I am working my ass off trying to make the finals -traded Brown and SAF for Poeta and a hwt -but 149 belongs to Metcalf and the guy I picked up in another trade -Barnes from Oregon State is 24-4-he wrestled in the Olympics for South Africa -that is why he is rated so low -politics in SA are unfavorable here .Strange kid -2nd year of folkstyle and he has more Techs and majors and pins than decisions .
  10. Even better. That is as fair as anyone could ask for.
  11. TF-I might need your permission to trade Hall-I picked Poeta up in a trade and will give him to you if G gets hurt . OK ?
  12. I was very impressed with him 2 years ago at Big12's. He came in and destroyed Primus, then barely lost to Moyer of Neb, then stuck Mueller for 3rd. He's the real deal, for sure.
  13. After he stuck the ASU kid he is 20-1 -and anyone who can beat out will Rowe is ok with me .
  14. No-and I see him going pretty far in the tournament -just a little friendly advice .
  15. I picked Sherry specifically for the duals Mizzou had that week. Oklahoma's problem is they hardly ever wrestle and didn't attend a single big tournament. Terry would be a good pick up for the post season though. Does anyone have him yet?
  16. TF-when you were looking for anopther 49 lber -why didn't you pick Terry instead of Sherry ? I know their is school animosity but Terry is like 18-1 or something .
  17. TF-look at te Reno tourney-Orozco got me 9points and he placed 3rd -2inj def s and 2walkovers -how does some one wrestle 7 times and score 9 points and get 3rd place -and that's just one tounament-i lost another 12 last weekend . Balance out my ass .
  18. It wasn't a DivII guy, it was NAIA, and he didn't get stuck, he got thrown to his back, was down 5-0 and couldn't come back. He lost 8-6 I believe. He definitely had an off day, he just seemed slow. I'm sure he'll bounce back.
  19. I'm not trying to be funny here but what the hell happened to Hoehn ? A div 2 guy sticks him then he gets majored by Cleveland ? Was he sick or what ?
  20. This is so funny -I just picked up Garnett from Va tech for my heavy -but what the hell I like to trade -we won't be able to use these guys til next line-up-but i'll run it throughj Zapp-Ruschell and Clark for Sentes and Brown .
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