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  1. That's cool. Baker is almost a lock to win his conference, is Kennedy? I'd like to keep Terry cause I'm starting him over Ruschell for conference week.
  2. You and I have worked mant fine deals together -if you send me Baker I will send you the worst wrestler I have -Accordino-simply because 133 is so tough and I have Kennedy there -Caputo is just such a risk this year ...I will let you know by tonight -I would prefer Terry and Caputo for patterson and Barnes -I just don't wish to be unkind by sending you Accordino-who is ranked 2nd in the CAA and is a fine wrestler -but if you send me Baker and his one remaining match I can only use him as a flex .
  3. I'll give you Caputo and Baker for Patterson and whoever.
  4. If you want Patterson we could work out a multiple -just no way I'll straight up my leading point getter . caputo is such a flake he mat not show up-being deeply involved in figuring out the meaning of life . NONE of those IVY league guys get any scholarship money -it is a club activity to them .And face it -his rich daddy and his contacts are going to make sure he comes out of school making 6 figures .
  5. like i said -i could care less about Grajales-just trying to warn you that he may be banged up-hate to have you score 0 at flex.
  6. You called that right. CK turned me down flat, told me he had other friends he's trying to help. Oh well, I'll just take my chances with Caputo.
  7. Never happen -I've known champ forever and offered hin Hall and Stewart for Lewnes and he turned me down -he and RD149 wrestled together THAT is why CK gave him Esco #5 for Bedolyn #16 . I traded with Arch alot but they were always fair -I gave as good as I got -yet Zapp barred Arch from trading because he quit playing -he is going through some shit -hell, he offered me anyone I wanted but that would not be right -look at his line up-does it look like I raped him ? I make a line up out every week it is just he doesn't care -he never turns them in -he has Sanders ,Bell,Russell ,Grajales ,JBB,Manuel,Canon,Orozco,Byers and Schaeffer -he would not have any of those guys if I were unethical . What you said about me being too nice is going to biote me on the ass -I filled out accboy's line up all year and then when I pass him he gets all bitchy .I'm probably going to lose to him and he wouldn't have 600 points w,out me .10-1 Zapp let's his line up and his new guy in this week .
  8. No thanks, I'm set at 141. I'm begging Champ to trade me Kilgore. Hopefully he'll cooperate.
  9. I have Cleveland -he AA'd last year and is 19-4 -he was injured earlier in the year and he'll win the SoCon easily . I am thinking about wrestling Accordino-he has beaten hoehn and numerous other guys and at 19/20-9 wrestling Hofstra's schedule he may do something -I could give you Cleveland for Drounin . in his conference he has Williams from ODU and he has lost to him 3 x's.
  10. Unless Dhoe falls and breaks his leg he wins 125 -Nickerson and Esco both have shoulder problems -the one I would worry about since Zapp implemented this ''Wildcard '' is Herkey -Falck Fanthorpe ,Jantzen,Leen ,Fay ,Luke ,Keddy ,Anderson and Hwt . Both you and Zapp have squirrelly 184's -we'll see this weekend when LeBlanc wrestles Patterson -but he has lost to every top 10 guy he has faced -including Honeycutt . Who knows whart Craig will do ? At 184 I like my chances at 2 AA's -Patterson and Honeycutt -look at when Hcutt wrestled UM -right after he med def out of the Scuffle -he has lost to Smith , Patterson .Um , and Pucillo-his 5th loss was the med def to Kerber whom he has beaten . I looked up Rushell's record since the Midlands and he has not beaten anyone -except PSU's 41 lber -by more than 4 points .
    I might think about Brown and Patterson for Marable and Caputo but I need the matches . Brown and Patterson should have the CAA locked up. I think Dwyer or Reader may beat Marable
  11. Yeah, I'm not crazy about parting with Terry. Conferences will tell me who I'm going with. Ruschell could tank, and Terry might win the BigXII handily. I'm not as confident as you are, Zapp has a pretty dang good team. Donahoe, Ness, Gillespie, Marable, Jordan, Brester, and Ellis are all top 5 for sure, but I might have no champs. Caputo is such an unknown, I hope he shows up. If Hoehn can beat Gallick, either on Sunday or at BigXII's, I might just go with him over Drouin. Lot's of wrestling left.
  12. Not for Patterson -who is a Jr. by the way-he is my leading point getter and they have him ranked 8th but he has beaten umbehuer and has 18 falls on the year -Cleveland majored Hoehn but 149 is a race for second -I might as well go with Barnes and pick up the 16 bonus for winning the PAC 10-I know 184 is a race for 2nd also but Patterson has so many falls and still has 5 matches left 3 against puds he has already stuck .
    I need to upgrade at 165 but Brown has beaten Marable -not counting on it again tho-I could give you Barnes for Terry -the only reason he is not a top 10 ranked guy is he is from South Africa . I really don't care who you wrestle at 149 -you have this thing won -but ruschell has looked like a wuss lately -he beat the Illinois kid 3-1 ,the IU kid 6-3 and if you remember at the Midlands he was behind 6 points to PTax when he stuck him . He has taken his best shots -wild , crazy , stuff against Metcalf and got majored and stuck .
  13. I like Patterson. I have a gut feeling the senior will outperform Caputo. You want Terry?
  14. Patterson .
  15. I'm not looking for a back-up. My lowest ranked starter is Caputo. Who do you have at 84?
  16. What would you take for Terry -at 149 everyone is going for second place .barnes is 31-4 and has majored everyone he has to wrestle in the Pac 10-or maybe Drounin .
  17. check Gold's line up on 1/26-Monday-and zapp's response .
  18. TF-since the trade we made may have been a little lopsided I was wondering if you could find it in your heart to draft Conner Bebee from CMU and trade him to me for Glasser -I need to fill some holes where Ness had matches that I will now fft.
    Please let me know one way or another .
    I have been catching hell for that trade . THANKS .
  19. Sorry about tonight's outcome -must have been a hell of a match -where was your 33 lber ? IMO-Brester is the best WRESTLER at 197 . At least you got to see some wonderful wrestling .
  20. I already have my line up in for this week so I'll announce next week-I also need him for 2 matches next week -out of 4 matches he's gotten me 3 points -2-losses , a fft. and A 6-5 win over Gomez .
    So this won't take effect until next week .-, so do NOT put him in this weeks line up.
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