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  1. TF-you should have 19 points in the pac 10-4+3+12=19
  2. Don't believe everything you read. Marable's win% is better than Mason's and Smith's. Yeah Reader and Dwyer have better records, but Marable is like 11-0 career against Reader, Dwyer, and Mason. I'm not worried.
  3. did you know that Marable has the worst record of any 165 lber in the big 12 ? Yet, he should get the #1 seed -strange .
  4. Just best guesses based on conference results, previous finish, ranking, etc...
  5. Are you basing your seeds next to your wrestlers by Ranking or actual seeding ?Where would the seeds be found ?
  6. I had Clark for one week and the little prick lost to Oklahoma and Okie State -went into OT with Dolan -Hoehn was majored by Cleveland , beaten by Accordino and a NAIA kid -Kinser is 16-4 in the toughest weight class in Wrestling .With wins over Moley ,Dragon and 2 over Welch and stuck Hadley Harison ....
  7. Did you watch the PTax match -? Ruschell was on his back and set up and stuck PTax -looked like something out of the exorcist -ya gotta admit -your ''problem'' is a nice one to have -Kurt has been a '''friend' associate -lkittle kid running around like a mad man at tournaments since he was 12 -never saw himwarned for stalling -never -until Poeta -then Kurt comes back and beats the hell out of Welch 8-1 and Welch is ranked #14-if I were an unkind person accboy would not have a wrestler in the top 100 yet I advised him all year long -filled out line ups -he is a good kid just in too deep-
    How did you get the #12 157 for an unranked 141 ? YOU are amazing !!!
  8. Thank YOU. You're trade brokering knows no bounds. By the way, I benched Ruschell on your advice and he goes and sticks Ptax. Thanks alot! j/k Kinser's a nice pick-up, now I have a problem....Who do I flex? Hoehn, Clark, Kinser?
  9. TF-thanks for helping out accboy -you both made out well-Kinser will place second in the big 10 and he just laid an 8-1 whooping on Welch .
  10. Speak of the Devil-guess who was named CAA wrestler of the week -at 34-4 and 20-2 in duals ? One of his loses he was ahead 7 points and rolled through a gramby and they said he was stuck -they deducted a team point because his coach went ape shit .
  11. I was close to the IU guys til I called Goldman an asshole-I am close to Matt Coughlin's family -we go back 10-5 years -Matt got beat in wrestle offs -and Goldman refused to let Kinser wrestle because he would not kill himself to get to 149-suffice it to say both kids heads got messed up-you should well remember not scoring when Kinser won the MSU open . I hope Matt and Paul and Kurt all transfer -I know all 3 and recommended they do that as soon as possible .RD149 was recruited by IU and he agrees with me -Goldman is a dick-
  12. I'm close to all the Mizzou coaches and correspond regularly. I'm actually doing the PA for home duals this year. I, too was frustrated so last week I inquired about the Hwt situation. Suffice it to say I'm keeping Ellis.
  13. TF-I meant what I said about e-mailing the coach or someone on the staff -I do it a lot and most of them answer the same day . I was afraid Brands would throw Dennis under a bus once Slaton made weight so I know what you are going through -you'll know by conferences because they cannot change after that -I really like Ellis' chances at winning it all-I got rid of fat ass Massey because at the National duals he was a cunt hair from stroking out -i can't see him wrestling 5 matches in a day -that is why I went with Wise . That match he had with Erekson was great . Then he wrestled fat boy and gave up a TD and that was it -1 e and 1 rt .4-0 .
  14. It is in the rules section but we rarely follow any rules so..16 for 1st and 8th for second . As a former coach I miss advancement points -placement , etc., these tourneys are mini duals and if your guy gets first or second you get bonus -the problem with this scoring is -if Kennedy gets in the consis and wins 5-6 matches he could conceivably score more than the champion -w/out any bonus . Say he gets a fall-loses then gets 3 falls for third place .that is 24 points -the champion has a bye -wins 2 matches and gets 22 points -2 decisions =6 + bonus =22-hell, now that I look at it-- the 5th or 7th place holds true .
  15. Drew -you scored 52 + a DQ in favor of Caputo-your guys aren't exactly running the scores up on people are they ? You need to write the wrestling coach ar Mizzou and tell him you are in a fantasy league and you need to know who the hell the heavy will be cause you WILL need the flex points . I do not know how Zapp scores disqualifications . You must have been sweating bullets last week-Brester lost -Marable and Jordan damn near lost -Josh is a pinner -I count for majors at least from him .
  16. Do you know the scoring for Conferences? Placement bonuses?
  17. Just looking at the schedules and Ruschell has that loser from Minnesota and then he loses out -Patascil and palmer -I traded for him out of necessity but I wouldn't take him over IU's kid right now -Wisconsin has a free broadcast of most home matches -watch him and see -he looks horrible -as I am disabled and pretty much housebound for a little longer I watch all the free sites -my theory is this -they ALL know they are wrestling for second place and it is messing their minds up-I watched Ruschell try combos that should have worked and Metcalf just shrugged him off -I KNOW wrestling -first time at this fantasy stuff but I know wrestling and if I were you I would use him as trade bait and get you the best FLEX longshot on the planet . He should not be in the top 15 right now . Accboy won't trade with me anymore since i passed him on the points chart -get Hudson Taylor for ruschell-or Vine Jones .
    I scored 58 last week Zapp 52 Gold 75 acc -41-mateater 28-
  18. No, I'll take it, I just left for lunch and missed your response. Thanks, I'll happily inform Zapp.
  19. Did you not want that deal ?? I really have no one else at any weight class that I can spare -Barnes in conferences and -your whole team is better than mine -I have nothing else to offer -I need Cleveland for the SoCon -I am wrestling Stewart in the MAC and then Brown in the tourney .
  20. All right -you post it and inform Zapp-he has been begging for Patterson forever -Patterson and Accordino for Caputo and Baker .
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