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  1. TF-
    Really hope Notte has adjusted to the weight -should be a top 5 soon if so.
  2. TF-
    gotta say that last move confused me but it's your team . 149 in the MAC is rough .
  3. Clymer beat Budi by 1 last year. I think ODU has better coaching. I'm betting Budi beats Clymer this year. Thanks for the heads up, though.
  4. TF-
    Saw your waiver request and thought i'd see if you had looked at Ben Klymer sp from Hofstra as you are lookng for an 84 .Check him out before I change everything .
  5. TF-
    Thanks , I thought he was improving and he gave Blanton Hell-I'm thinking him or Hamlin the kid from Lehigh who beat out Caruso and beat Erwin 1/2 to death /He was 30-6 as a redshirt last year but is in the same conference as lewnes and Riccio.Russ
  6. He's really starting to get it. He beat McNeil handily at the UCM Open (McNeil beat him handily last year). He also showed more maturity in his win over Benefiel. Tied 4-4 with not alot of time remaining, he didn't force anything or get crazy, or let Benefiel into his legs. Benefiel went for a duck that wasn't there and Henderson slammed him to his back for 5. He'll be right there in the R12.
  7. TF-
    I am going to need another 174 in the supplemental drft in our league -how is Henderson looking at 74 ?
  8. TF-
    You know how Minny heavy the board is and no one said a word about Haynes for so long I'd nearly forgotten him -where Sch-F'ed up was letting Prater get the lead and Prater will then capitalize on every mistake you make -141 is so open -every year .That's why I traded Gallick and Bradshaw for Askren and Ciasulli-Seth is a fine wrestler and Askren (I hope) wins it this year . Fun start to the season .
  9. Don't know what's up with Dolan. He just isn't getting it, is he? As for 141, unreal flipping scrambles. I got the feeling Schavrien is still getting used to his newfound strength. When he eventually tried to impose his will, it almost always worked. A couple of tiny mistakes and Prater capitalized. Schavrien won't lose to him again, if you ask me.

    As for Haynes, people are saying Bond is overrated - maybe. But 2 years ago only one person was higher rated - Ryland Geiger. Working with the Askrens, Jordan, Ellis, Bradley and now Pell, I suspect hasn't been a bad thing. This kid has talent and heart. He's gonna turn some heads before this season is done.
  10. TF-
    What is up with Dolan ? I watched the scoring version of the match and when he chose down I figured he would fire out and take that Illini kid to town-instead he gets ridden the entire second period and turned then gets taken down to his back for a major ?? Wish I could have seen the 141 match .Russ
  11. TF-
    Gold missed your release of Arnone and pick up of Yates -I fixed it just now-8:00 A.M 11/9-is your roster right now ?
  12. I don't want to but it seemed like there was only going to be one league -I can ignore the twit .
  13. Yeah, that's a big question mark. At this point, there's no way to know if Ellis will keep his spot or not. I really haven't decided what I'm gonna do at Hwt. Btw, you're in Zapp's league again? I didn't figure you'd want to put up with his crap again.
  14. TF,
    A guy over here spent a 2nd round pick on Ellis -I think it was a mistake as Dom surely will wrestle at least 10 or more matches -waddya think ?
  15. Thanks -I will flex him over Brown .
  16. Sure take him.
  17. Are you going to use Clark-i'll give you brown for him .
  18. Who do you want for him?
  19. you interested in Metcalf ?
  20. He fixed it.
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