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  1. Oh, I've seen the matches on flo. That's why I want to come see it for myself.

    I keep seeing the whole "just make it two days" stuff too and it makes me laugh. My guess is that one of the reasons why so many kids are able to come from all over, is BECAUSE it's a one day tournament.

    Anyway, I just wanted to drop a note of support. Good luck with it. I'll be watching on flo.
  2. Thanks! We usually don't let the complaining bother us -- most of it comes from people who don't actually participate in the tournament. Selling out over 1200 entries in half an hour tells us we must be doing something right On the flip side, we don't get complacent and we know we can always improve some areas. What's annoying are the people that just say "make it 2 days" without having any idea what that would entail. Just not feasible at this time. But you definitely should try to come in the future, it's a pretty neat environment, especially when big matches happen in the semis/finals and we kinda shut down the other mats and people just gather in big crowds around the mat to watch. Flo has matches from the last few years posted, you should check some of them out.
  3. All the best with the tourney. F those who do nothing but complain. If they can do better, they should organize, market, and run their own tournament. One of these days, I need to make the trip down and video a few matches for the masses to see.
  4. Honestly, I wasn't surprised. Most games we lost last season were by one score, we could just as easily have been 8-4 instead of 4-8. Butch is awesome, but he's causing an uproar with the introduction of all the navy into the uniforms.
  5. Wow! the tar heels looked fantastic last night in their destruction of Rutgers. I knew Butch would turn that program around, but he's ahead of schedule in my book.
  6. yeah, we've had some dancers compete in the Columbus Feis. It's a bit of a haul though to get up there. Since we have plenty of opportunities to compete and perform closer, it's hard to get motivated to go that far...
  7. Thanks! BTW, has your dance group ever thought of coming to the Dublin Irish Festival? It's a pretty massive one the first weekend in August.
  8. "Happy Birthday, good health to you"
  9. You'll have to throw me a bone with a translation for the Gaelic in my birthday thread.
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