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  1. That may be a good idea . But what 125 's are available ? In my league they went quickly-so I have 2 -Escobedo and Bonano from Hofstra -ACCboy has Kjar you might get in a trade -he is a tough little SOB , lost 5-3 SV to Martinez yesterday -first year the NCAA is allowing Utah Valley to go to the nationals or he would have qualified twice -was 29-9 last year and could not wrestle His conference tournament or the NCAA's. He beat Sanders and Martinez over the summer .Russ
  2. When I saw Andrassy's quote about Opfer, i was a little surprised. I may just abandon Kent since I probably won't know on Sunday who they're planning to start that week.
  3. TR-
    If you need a good 125 they are almost extinct -but the kid replacing Bedolyn -OPFER-was like 26-15 last year and with Bedolyn out until at least January -if not the year -OPFER is the man at KentState .He took Garnett into OT before losing 8-6.
    Look on Kent States web site and the coach says ''Opfer will probably our guy this year .''
  4. Thanks Russ.

    He was going to be a flex anyway, so I'll just hang on to him and waiver him if I get another pressing need.
  5. Tr-,
    I was in a chat room at Earl's site and a Cal Poly guy swears Boris certified at 33 and Filip 141 -you might want to write the AD and find out for sure . I changed it on your roster as Filip is now ranked 19th at 141.
  6. will do
  7. one more favor ? I have no food in the house so IF SGallan ever picks could you take Matt Cathell for Thaxton ?
  8. Thanks man -I just finished doing this same crap for the league I am in and I am tired .
  9. Hey, it's cool. I remember the stuff you've had to go through, no need to explain. I don't have anything planned outside the until around 1 or 2 this afternoon, so I'm happy to help keep this thing going until then.
  10. Sgallan is 928-575-7723-I am on disabilitty and cannot make a long distance call of any sort -which only costs $9.00 a month and that way I can afford the internet .I have everyon's number but do not want to over burden you -Gold was supposed to have sent me a thing from google but it never arrived -thanks alot .Russ
  11. no problem.....I'm off work today, so I'll help out anyway I can.
  12. Therick-if I give you Sgallan's # can you text him and tell him he is up to finish rd 9 and start 10 ?
  13. Krom is gone !! your pick .
  14. I haven't read that one, but I may have to look for it. I'm always up for things that challenge my way of thinking and or looking at issues.
  15. Hi-
    Noticed you were headed for a Poly Sci degree -have you read Kropotkin's 'Conquest of Bread'? The definitive work on non -violent anarchy .
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