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  1. I just realized.....if you hit a spiral ride, and go for the crab, you can get the crab on either side. If you like crab and claw ride, check out the merkle.
  2. Hey. If you have the crab ride, you can do the claw (most reliable IMO) or rear headlocks, try for armbars, all that. I also would hit two on one wrist rides on the far arm. To set it up isn't really hard. I'd do spiral ride, and get a crab on the side of the sprial. I'd grab an ankle, hit the crab on the other leg. Or you could try for the Navy ride. If you want to finish a double with them sprawled out, you can sit through, hip-heist, or try getting your head on the inside and lifting and going out the back door. But hopefully you don't get sprawled on too much, that means your double isn't hard enough. You should hit it hard, every time and try putting them on their butt. Don't shoot "to" them, shoot "through" their hips. Make sense? Hope this helped.
  3. wasup i was wondering if you could give me some advice on the crab ride in set ups and different moves

    then i was wondering how to finish my double leg when im stuck on my knees and if he they sprawled
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