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  1. Yeah I noticed that last week. He'll definitely be dropped during the supplemental haha.
  2. CC
    You do know Forrest got beat out ?
  3. I only have NESS at 33-Not a big fan of DeShazer-he was on hios back against Ortega from IU when the buzer sounded -he won 8-7 and Matt is UR-I live about 25 minutes from Bloomington and was at the meet .133 in the MAC is a bitch with Sentes ,Kent State ,Smith from Buffalo and Clair .Smith beat DeShazer 8-2 last year .I came over to this league and am about to hang em up as LoSt is a bitch .Right now I can beat him regular season but not playoffs since ISU gave him 2 top guys for nothing .
    If you decide you need a 41 let me know -but I know Slaton will be Iowa's 141 next semester . he or Marion . Craig is 7-1 and Thomuseitt is 7-3 so I'm not hurting that badly .Just trying to look out and improve my team as well . You won't find a better 141 than Ciasulli in the supplemental. Russ
  4. I'm really not to worried about Smith's schedule though. I'm countin on him bein my flex come conference time and scoring me points there. I'm confident I can get a wild card with this lineup I have no. I really don't want to give up one of my 2 84's just b/c it makes my flex so strong. How is your depth at 133? DeShazer is a tough kid that I see as a dark horse for AA'ing. He's also always capable of coming up with a pin.
  5. Curtis ,
    I 'll trade you Craig /Ciasulli for Cannon /'???-you and I both know LeClere is gone after semester break .Seth was 27-10and EIWA champion last year and one win from AA'ing -you know Smith has a shitty schedule -if interested let me know .
  6. Thanks man -he is my backup to Manuel .I always prefer first hand knowledge to just the score and records -he won 27 matches but could have won 40 or 20-all were only a point or 2 difference -I figure him for a defensive specialist who keeps the scoring to a minimum -would you be interested in trading Cannon ?
    I have Craig and Thomuseit now but don't see them going deep into tournament -I have 2 quality 141 's in case LeClere loses his spot .
    No hurry ,just give it some thought as I am pretty sure Leclere is going to lose his spot . Thanx again .russ
  7. He's not bad. The only down side is he wrestles a lot of close matches. He's pretty tough to score on though which will also keep him in a lot of matches. I'd say he's worth having if you don't have any other options and I don't think you'll find a better 74 pounder in the supplemental.
  8. Stiffy -
    I recently picked up Decker in a trade -is he worth keeping ?I ask because I saw you wrestled him .Thanks
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