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  1. Thax-
    Can you still ADD/Drop ? You'll need an 84 lber -Schmittke or Rinaldi or some top 25 guy who might score you a few points come NCAA's.
  2. Thax,
    A couple of good wrestlers in the waiver bin-Cocozo and Barlow-Coco just knocked off Saddoris and Barlow has beaten Wade. Also, Alcala ,(i don't think) is on a roster and he has beat all big 10 guys but Wade.
  3. Thax- ACCBOY posted he is looking for a 184-I picked Powless for him -he probably does not know how good Powless is-offer him Rebertus for Powless.
  4. just watched chalfant's 2009 state championship match. woah. def doesnt wrestle like a heavy. badass
  5. Great news Russ! Thanks for the update
  6. Thax-
    Got an e-mail from Boise-Smith WILL wrestle at NAT DUALS !!
  7. THAX-I love the way you fuck with VAIS -he is such a bitch ! I called him a castrated chihuahua and put him on ignore . I HATE Munchkins who talk shit on the net but wouldn't say boo to you to your face .
    Good Luck SGT .
  8. THAX,
    Glad you picked up Grajeles -sorry you picked up Cathell-the dude was cutting SO much he was bound to have something bad happen -he sux anyway -in the East Region but he has won one NCAA match.M* might be hurt so you might have to wrestle Young -who should have beaten M*-you have a couple of weeks to think -congrats !!
  9. Thax
    Vinson and Starks matches won't count -you should replace Brown in your Lineup-who you got at 149 ? Best pick up Green or Rossa or Parks .
  10. THAX-
    The NYWAS -or whatever did NOT count in last years scoring -neither did the All-Academy duals -Check with gold but I am SURE they did NOT count last year .
  11. Thax -
    Minny is reporting Mason will not wrestle tomorrow -lose this clown while you still can.
  12. Check out the 49 pounders in the EWL-especially Roosa-also ,Peppleman from Harvard has a friendly schedule.
  13. outrageous Russ! great week!
  14. Thax-
    I scored 245 with 2 starters out .
  15. wait, 03 and 04, i don't know why i wrote 06,07
  16. Ryan Lange 06,07
  17. Was it Nate Moore from Lawence North ?? or Patascil ??
  18. if your cousin won 2 NC for tOSU you'd be a fan too! not to mention my wife is a student, and soon i will be too. I do have a special spot in my heart for indiana though. I wrestled in high school with a 2x AA from Purdue, and of course the car racing!!!!
  19. He'll win this thing !! Young just put Brown on his back twice in the third to win 9-7. He wrestles King next .Everhart in Finals -oughtta swith that ugly osu for a IU one .
  20. How about Kinser huh? Dude is tearing it up
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