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  1. thanks.
  2. Thax-
    Hashimoto has a history of injuries and med def 'd out of the CK -just FYI.
  3. How about those hoosiers ?? Melde picked up a tech and a fall -Young 18, and Everhart , as you get 10 bonus for winning a, scored about 30. Young lost 3-2 to #3 howe and 7-5 to #7 Rendos .
  4. Thax -
    If I were you i'd hang on to Keddy -he is lilely to place top 3 in the nation -caputo might not wrestle .Ignore VaIS.
  5. Thax -
    Mason has scored -0- points -how do you feel about getting Thomas Scotten at 57 or trading for Salazar -as you know Purdue may see 50 matches -they have the Wendy's duals coming up-4 div 1 schools -IF I had waivers I would pick up Archuleta at 141 and trade for salazar -Archuleta is ranked #25 but you only want him for a week or two-or maybe longer -a 2x California JUCO champion who wrestled at a .500 level in the big 10-look for 25-30 wins -but he should win all 4 Wendy's -check out those two from Purdue and Scotten will win the ACC at 157 -also look at Fittery from American .Russ
  6. Yeah man, having a great season so far. Thanks to you!! Hope you have good one yourself. i am pumped!
  7. Way to go big guy -go pick Steve Fittery off the waiver wire at 157 -if you want -check your scores but you are in FIRST place !! Great job !!
  8. Thaxton,
    How you doin? making the transition OK -I am older than dirt and when some of my brother's friends came back from Nam they had a heck of a time adjusting -hell,some of them stayed on purpose -my cousin 'rang the bell' during seal training and now just gets drunk and beats up people - I know you have a good support system but if there is a time when you need to talk to an absolute stranger -I am here .
    Looks like Dennis has taken it to another level -majored Marble and beat the piss out of Ashnault -who I am looking at in the supplemental -he is a tough little SOB from Rutgers . Melde gave the #6 in the country a good match and beat Bucknell's guy 7-0 .Just saw your line up for next week and a lot of points should be coming .Russ
  9. Thax-
    Add 15 points to the # below as the Mizzou open counted for some reason -add 6 on to Manuel's and 9 on to Browns,
  10. Thaxton-
    your scores from last week
    174 -3,+3 for beating ranked guy at Mizzou open -6
    hwt -0
    total =98
    149 is killing you and TNICK missing weight did not help-on the other hand Melde now has beaten 3 ranked wrestlers and only wrestled 2 matches and scored 7 points . Not bad for an UR guy at season's start.Russ
    Dennis scored 24 at the Iowa duals then won the All star for 3 more points .
  11. Thax
    Gold has posted week 3 scores -he screwed you . I put down the scores you should have but this is your fight so do NOT let this BS go on !!!
    125,14 141,17,165 ,23,174 ,9 197,10,hwt 18,=91 . I just rechecked all of them so this is correct -Now it is up to you . Russ
  12. Thaxton-
    If you go to Div1 wrestling and hit links and hit Iowa they are live blooging form the Iowa duals -5 matches against puds .
    Metcalf has 4 falls for me today -Keddy has 3-4 and m* had one close match and then has pinned or majored everyone . Russ
  13. Thaxton-
    Cathell has missed weight every match -not even close / the closest he has been is 3 lb.s-there are 3 good 149's in the waiver -Desi Green ,Peter Yates and Nick Stabile -either Yates or Stabile will win the ACC . Green willwin the MAC unless Cathell makes weight and he might win it any way -Trotman won the MSU and was a sleeper pick-you might need him later as you get bonus points for Conference champs -I don't think Manuel can beat Borschell-your IOWA guys wrestle 5 sissies and a tournament this week -so beaucoup points .
    I would NOT hesitate and go get one of those 149's before next line up day -CATHELL is not at Delaware State any more ! Look up each wrestler's schedule and choose one . Green would be my choice or Yates .
  14. Thaxton-
    I told Gold last night that you probably wouldn't get to it and he wouldn't let me change yours -although I changed it on mine .i mentioned to Gold to be a prick about it at first then bak off -but he is going too far -but last year it was a cluster fuck with people going weeks w/out doing shit .
    I'll remind you every week ,how's that sound ?? Do the IU picks make sense yet ?? wait until the 28th .5 duals against real poor teams .
  15. Dammit. thats sucks i missed the deadline. Erisman has only 1 match. i just changed it on my schedule, but didn't catch it in the line-up. good looking out though, thanks
  16. Thaxton -I changed your line up as Cocozo is no longer on your team . Erisman is in his place -you may have to change it tonight .
  17. haxton -here are your points so far this week .Iu has 1-2 more matches this week.
    Hwt 18 +
    total so far 113.
  18. thaxton-Cathell has missed weight twice and Mason has yet to wrestle a match which counts -so far the line up I put down-in a hury-has gotten you 72 + points with some guys still wrestling -lose Cathell or Mason -see if you can get TF to give you a trade for Vinson .Russ
  19. Trotman is a good wrestler with itle competition but Cocozzo wrestles a lot of matches against weak opponents .
    I did the best I could as I was amazed at how knowledgabe these new guys are
    1-Tnick 2-Keddy 3-Dennis 4-4-Zabriskie 5-M*-6-Erisman 7=-Byers 8-Diaz -9-Catthell 10-Blanton-Melde is a really good 141 -24 -10 as a part time freshman and he was so goos they pulled his redshirt in mid-season -the rest of the guys I would not hesitate to put on the mat with anyone .
    as far as c-ownership-that is up to you -I'll gladly do the research and fill out the schedules -as far as waivers -there is a 174 who pins alot of people but sucks as a wrestler -he started as a 149 last year and then went up to 174 and went 32-15 with 20 falls-Shane Smith from Millersville -he stuck Wright from Penn State last year . Also, at 33 Huttter is not rsing so he would be a great pick up and will win the CAA as Rug is RSing .
    Let me know what you need me to do and we'll do that .Russ
  20. I am back. Great job with the draft, and with the purging of trotman. i guess i will have to get over my discontent with Iowa. since you have done a lot of work on this already, what do you think of a co-ownership?
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