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  1. You might have to go get Donnie Vinson out of the waiver bin -Mason will need to hide when Ruschell,Metcalf ,Palmer and others come into town-and Vinson is a hell of a wrestler .Pena's schedule was so sweet / that was the major reason I pointed him out . Check out vinson's schedule- Binghamton. Or take a chance on Grajales
  2. I told him he could have either 49. i thought he would pick mason. but he wanted pena
  3. Mason is 7-0 ,Pena is 17-4 -Common opponent-Hacker from Nebraska // Mason WBD 3-1 , Pena WBF. I wish you could have kept Pena -Mason will struggle to be a .500 wrestler in the big 10. Some younger guys from Minny have wrestled 15-20 times -Mason has been hurt most of the year . Butyou got the deal you wanted .
  4. Good man .
  5. its in the works. waiting on kr
  6. Thax -Really, if you can pick up Kinser for this week and give up Mason you'll be unstoppable -contact KR-( he contacted me but I sent him to you), I had Mason last year and scored 15 points before he redshirted -not good enough for Big10-please , make this trade and bury every one .
  7. Thax-
    If KR offers you Kinser for Mason-I suggest you jump on it -he beat Moley in 2 OT's last year and may shock the world and win the Scuffle -HE is the man at 157 at IU this year -no feuding with the coach or Coughlin . He beat Coughlin 3x and Kurt is healthy and 11-1-EMU open runner up and MSU open champion.
    Mason will have trouble at 49 in the big 10-the kid from Nebraska who gave him a decent match Pena stuck . HUGE gain at 157 with NO fall off at 149.russ
  8. ?? Ask Go Big Red on your side -he is from Cornell.
  9. Do you know if Nickerson is gonna show up at the scuffle? i thought i heard he wasn't until national duals.
  10. Remember , Bailey is ranked 3rd out of 5 in the big 12 -no bonus after 1-2 .
  11. i know. i'm gonna see what happens with bailey. i think nacita will stay available. Its dual season so most of the schedules are the same. i think i maght be able to make a better trade with bailey, plus its my wifes last name. we'll see what happens
  12. THAX
    Nacita is warming up-l-then 6 wins ,3 over rated guys .8-1 over Drouin is an ass whoopin'
  13. Thax-
    you get 10 + 5 bonus -for first and second in these tourneys -CK,Ren0,Midlands ,Scuffle -then you get bonus for conference finals -Manuel can wrestle 50 matches this year -Nate was 22-20 as a freshman 197 -then he was injured and went 5-10 his first year at Hwt., then last year 26-17 -this is his first healthy year and I did not take him because of Erekson !! Now that you are starting to take a lead -start improving your team for the post season . If Erisman does not start scoring pick up Dong or Scotten . Gold will need points , see if you can get Varner from him and try to get Lewnes for manuel and young .
  14. I definately heard of nate before this year. I havn't got to see alot of matches in person because of the military and being in CA, but i absolutely keep up statistic wise and especially the big ten. I think he's doing an awesome job this year and did not expect him to be undeafeated, thats for sure. I am pretty sure TNick took off the first half of the year last year also. but i could be wrong. But Morrill is kicking a lot of ass, i watched a few matches of his on Flo, he is tough! i am glad i picked him up. Also Manuel is outperforming Blanton right now, but we'll see later in the season. I don't think we get extra points for Vegas champs, only conference tourneys, but i will double check. thanks Russ
  15. Thaxton
    I have you with 114 points for the 6th week -Nickerson not caring is killing you .Fucker has yet to make weight .Everhart went 5,3,3,3, +10=24-tell me the truth -had you ever heard of Nate ? I wish I had him- 17-0 and ranked 5th.brown got you 15 -the CK was kinda disappointing but you'll fight through it .
  16. You are welcome .
  17. Great! Thanks Russ. What a great pick-up.
  18. Thaxton -
    I put everythinmg through and changed the rosters so Pena is yours unless there exist some rule I am unaware of -Desi is off your team immediately -the 3 day is the waiting period before he gets thrown on thje trash heap. I took care of everything this morning /afternoon.
  19. Everhart got you a major and a tech-the kid he majored has beaten 3 top 20 guys and E put a beatdown -12-3 on him , then he teched a kid 20-5-Young had a major 19-9 and a pin .
  20. Thax -why not put him in the line up against Air Force and Southern Oregon ? He's pinned the S.O kid already .
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