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  1. Alex has wrestled really well the last couple of weeks. He, along with Bell and hopefully Taylor could give us some guys to do some damage in St. Louis. We'll be lucky to be .500 in duals but I think the ACC tourney is still wide open.
  2. Gotcha, that's probably good news for my Terps. Our season has been a bit of a disappointment thus far, but it is hard to gauge when we have losses to Iowa, Missouri, Lehigh, and Edinboro.

    But Medina packed it in, Hudson isn't as focused this year, Letts is redshirting, 184 is a gaping hole for us, and I still don't know where Krom is mentally.

    Right after we wrestle UNC we're off to wrestle Oklahoma and Nebraska. it just gets easier!
  3. Yup, I turned over my old Grand Am GT to her. Should last her through college at the very least. When we were down there a couple of months ago we couldn't quite find "downtown" Burlington. I think I know where it is now. Looks like we will make a few trips down there this Spring. Already advised by the folk at the hotel to book rooms early.
  4. From what I can see there is a Spring Orientation Weekend March 13-14. Neatly sandwiched between the ACC wrestling tournament and the NCAAs! Elon thunk of everything!

    There is another weekend April 24-25. I hope she applies for their Fellows or Honors program and they have a weekend for THAT on March 6-7.
  5. The early decision notification date is/was tomorrow. Monika received an e-mail last week to expect her decision today.

    Last night she received a call from the Dean of Admissions letting her know she was accepted to Elon! One of those great moments as a parent when something good happens and your child is so happy!!!

    Nice touch by Elon too with the personal call.
  6. Monika applied for early decision at Elon so her application went in last week. Her top two choices are Elon and Wake My wife and I like Elon and feel like it would be the best fit. I'm sure Monika will get accepted: 4.67 weighted GPA in Honors and AP classes. She already has 16 AP credits that Elon will accept.
  7. Yes, I remember the school. I sent them a small check to help the wrestling program get back on its feet. I received a nice thank you note signed by the entire team.

    I think Elon is the number 1 choice. All else being equal it is about $16k per year less than Wake!

    As for my Uncle, he IS a Maryland alum!!
  8. Hey, hey, HEY! Watch the Dook, er Duke, comments! My Uncle is in the Duke HOF, as well as US Track and North Carolina HOF. Monika and I had dinner with them two weeks ago when we were down re-visiting Wake and Elon..
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