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  1. FWIW.... he is ranked ranked 24th in wrestling USA. Yeah, I know... not the best rankers, and anything past 10-15 if a crap shoot. I am just trying to help a friend, and a really good (wrestling and in general) kid.
  2. Sara(dust) - I have a kid from Arizona (Tim Felton) who could place, but at the very least would make things interesting. His dad wants to credential him in based on rankings. He is a borderline top 25 kid in various rankings - and this is where he belongs. Still, he has skills (I hope I have enough wrestling credibility to say this), and would be a legitimate addition to this tournament.

    Groveling here.... he is a great kid, and his dad is a good guy. If there is any way you could wave him in, I would appreciate it. Arizona should get at least one guy who has a shot at placing. As a state we have a good group this year, but after that the cupboards are bare. It is hard to convince kids to get to a tournament like this, much less have them sign up in time.

    Anyhow, your help is appreciated and whatever happens...... no problem. :-)
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