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  1. ha ha, I know you weren't! It's a legitimate assumption most people make, considering most cases. But yes, UNC's bball graduation rate is among the best in the country. Of course, don't tell that to Terp since Maryland is at like 20% but it's a faulty system
  2. Hey! I wasn't picking on UNC, just trying to give you a hard time .. and it backfired since the graduation rate at UNC is actually pretty decent apparently ;P
  3. iPhones ROOOOLL!!
  4. I have a few versions of the banner. Most have a black background, rectangular, like the one at the top of the S32 website. There's also an animated version. I'll send them to you tomorrow and you can check them out. I'm a bit frantic at the moment getting everything ready for registration which opens tomorrow.

    Would love to have help/input from you and your programmers. Maybe for next year... would need to get changes implemented way before the summer...

    Entries - we limit to the first 1250 PAID entries. Last year we reached that 9 days after registration opened. So, uh, yeah, I anticipate filling up again this year.
  5. hey,

    Do you have a banner we can use for Super32? (I'd prefer an invisible background)

    What type of numbers are you expecting this year? Is there a limit to entrants? Do you expect to reach that?
  6. Hey,

    My wife
    and her friend Nicole signed up- shoot them an invite for the ladies group

    Oh, and let me know if there is anything you need for your sites (super32 or NCMat)- my programmers have some time in between projects- maybe we can create something useful for all of the sites.
  7. I'm running out of years for NCAAs though!
  8. 200,000 views is a good start- next season we'll shoot for #1,000,000
  9. oh yes, I always enjoy the pretty bells and whistles. Now, if only you could figure out a way to make little silver stars blink around my name. j/k
  10. Yeah, that is what I meant.. and the video clip next to the views... not the biggest enhancement, but I thought you'd like a prettier video page lol
  11. do you mean that little pencil image thingy? lol I can't keep up with all this.

    There are almost 200,000 views total on all my youtube videos though.

    See the pretty images by your name and the # of views now? lol
  13. It's making my head spin, lol
  14. Hey, check out the profiles now More to come!
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