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  1. Yes I will be at the Kaufman Brand. Coach Denny is the best. I am so glad my son turned down those DI's to go to UNO. It has been a great experience and we are very, very happy. He is first class and so is the program.
  2. Mario MORGAN. I get that Mason kid mix up all of the time...LOL...I sent you an email too
  3. Spladle U, I found it again. You must be Mario Mason's dad. I will be in Omaha for the Kauffman Brands Open. You may not know that I am a UNO alum. I hope Marion is having a great experience there. Coach Denny makes the experience a real positive one. Will you be in Omaha?
  4. I saw your comments on concerning UNI and how people accused you of "promoting" your son. I have read your post for some time now and it was b.s. by them to accuse you of that. as someone who has kinda gone through the same thing I just wanted to lend some support and say keep on posting. My son is the 141 starter at Nebraska - Omaha and is good friends and h.s. (and kids) teamate with UNI 285 Christian Brantley. Last year my son beat Josh Balderidge at UNO. good Luck on the season.
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